Technical Support & Repairs


“Technical Support and Repair Program” for Non-Warranty Claims

We welcome our customers to call our Technical Support team at 800-558-7022 (prompt # 3) to have an Adaptive technician discuss the functionality and use of their product.

Adaptive Technicians will conduct a product diagnostic review with you on the phone and attempt to rectify any matters at no charge.

If an Adaptive Technician recommends further action is needed to repair your product and/or the customer elects to have Adaptive conduct the repair on their behalf; the customer will be issued a repair claim and given an estimated quotation on how much the repair cost may be incurred. With the customers approval to proceed; the Adaptive Technician will provide a CS (Customer Support) number and request that an RMA (Return Materials Authorization) be created. A customer service representative will reach out with the RMA number and shipping address.

Once materials are shipped to Adaptive headquarters, an Adaptive Technician will conduct a diagnostic of the materials in questions and provide an estimate to the customer to approve prior to completing any repair work. Potential charges for approved repairs are detailed below:

  • Standard Hourly Labor Rate: $150/hour
  • Repair parts will be charged on an as-needed basis
  • The customer is responsible for associated inbound and outbound charges

Technical Support and Repair Team Contact Info:

  • Toll Free: 800-558-7022 (prompt #: 3 for Technical Support)
  • Email:
  • NOTE: Adaptive does not accept legacy RU2 branded warranty claims sold prior to 2022