LED Display Screens: The Preferred Transit Signage Option

Instinctive, legible displays at bus terminals, airports, and rail stations can be the difference between a good travel experience and a bad one. When passengers are navigating unfamiliar transit hubs, they expect the best: easy-to-read, current information available consistently throughout a facility.

LED display screens are the perfect solution for busy transit centers, which can be especially dark or flooded with sunlight. LED transit signage from Adaptive can be read easily at a distance or close-up regardless of the facility’s lighting. Color coding is available to quickly update travelers in real-time on status changes related to departures and arrivals. And the displays provide flexibility in content design and messaging length.

Long-Lasting Quality

Durability saves money and time, which is essential in the mass transportation industry. LED display screens from Adaptive pass the test of time. All Adaptive transit and platform signs are engineered and tested to last more than a decade.

Integrate with Platform Management Software Easily

Software integration is effortless with Adaptive. Transit maintenance and operations professionals manage myriad, mission-critical responsibilities. LED display screens from Adaptive are designed to eliminate the complexity of integrating transit signage with platform management software. Through Adaptive’s Alpha protocol, application integration is quick, intuitive, and stable.

Adaptive partners with leading transit communications systems nationwide to ensure projects are planned and implemented smoothly.