LED Emergency Signage For Your Total Mass Notification System

Whether your project is new construction or a major renovation, implementing an effective facility communication alert system is essential to safeguard the building visitors and occupants. In an emergency, every second counts, and confusion can result in dire consequences.

Illuminated emergency signage delivers instant clarity by visually notifying people facing danger related to weather, earthquakes, active shooters, terrorism, lockdowns, and other urgent situations. LED emergency signage completes a comprehensive mass notification system by enhancing issue detection, audio alerts, strobe light, and other vital functionality.

When catastrophe strikes, the affected area is often loud and can be dark, dusty, or smoky. And mobile phones don’t always work during a crisis. Bright LED signage broadcasts critical information to people fast and efficiently and can be seen in dark, smoky situations. It tells people exactly what is happening and how they can stay safe when conditions are less than ideal.

Indoor and Outdoor Mass Notification Options

Connectivity and consistency are required inside and outside a facility during an emergency. With one-touch technology, public safety messaging can be delivered throughout an entire corporate or educational campus. The same LED signage can be used outdoors to share news and updates to the community as a general means of communication on a regular basis. Should an emergency occur, it is as easy as flipping a switch to engage the LED emergency signage as part of a system-wide coordinated alert system.

Seamless Installation and Integration

Adaptive delivers truly scalable and highly configurable emergency communications solutions that easily integrate with all multi-modal notification products. Adaptive provides an open protocol, allowing for a customized, seamless interface between systems. For example, applications from some of Adaptive’s partners trigger FEMA Common Alerting Protocol (CAP). Through integration with Adaptive LED units, disaster response messaging is broadcast widely and seen by entire geographic regions.

Easing Accessibility

Adaptive manufactures trusted products designed to support persons with disabilities in times of emergency. Mass notification illuminated signs by Adaptive are UL1638 compliant, which means they are designed to adhere to the standards set by the Underwriters' Laboratories to ensure quality and accessibility related to visible signaling devices for fire alarms, systems, and related accessories.

Adaptive Emergency Mass Notification Product Features

  • Supports integration with leading fire control panel manufacturers and network-based emergency notification providers through open communications protocol
  • Pre-programed, first responder and priority messaging
  • Scrolling and flashing text available
  • Messaging dispatched by groups or zones
  • Reliable and energy-efficient
  • High-visibility technology that achieves readability at distances up to 150 feet
  • Displays date, time, weather, and other general messages during non-critical situations
  • Includes support for secure encrypted network protocol
  • Rated UL1638, NFPA72, FCC Class A