MUTCD-Compliant Mobile Radar Gun Displays That Make a Statement

The roles of police lieutenants and sergeants are beyond tough. Law enforcement professionals rely on highly specified tools designed to help them get their jobs done effectively and safely. Trailer-mounted speed-feedback displays from Adaptive not only curb reckless driving behavior but they are also designed to hold up to the elements and convey heft and accuracy. By strictly adhering to MUTCD standards, Adaptive is known for building tools that help officers work better, faster, and safer.

Human psychology is part of the design process at Adaptive. Signals that quickly elevate the severity of driving conditions and behaviors can save lives. Humans react to features like flashing lights and violator strobes. In addition to speed control, Adaptive offers variable, dynamic messaging that goes even further to alert drivers about unsafe conditions, erratic traffic patterns, roadblocks, detours, and more.


TAPCO (Traffic and Parking Control Co., Inc) conducted a four-week study of the efficacy of speed radar trailers utilized to reduce reckless driving behaviors. For this study, reckless driving was defined as vehicle speeds of 20 mph or more posted over the speed limit.

Brown Deer, WI

Discover how a busy road in Brown Deer, WI saw a 54% reduction in reckless driving and a 47% reduction in general speeding.

Versatility and Value

Mounted radar gun sensors are available in a variety of sizes, configurations, and price points. Text and digit display sizes are designed to support readability based on traffic speed. Displays range in size from four to seven feet in height.

Adaptive understands the importance of aesthetics. All Adaptive law enforcement products are designed to reflect the high standards of the police departments they represent.