Alpha™ L Series Industrial Grade Product Overview

AlphaTM L Series NEMA 12 industrial  grade displays are designed to improve productivity and efficiency.



The energy efficient AlphaTM L Series supports your manufacturing operations with real-time visual communications. Enhance
lean initiatives with live metrics immediately on the factory floor.

With ultra bright clarity and  reliability, the Alpha L Series  operates at a portion of the cost of traditional LCD displays.

Durable and long lasting:

  • Powder coated lightweight aluminum enclosure
  • Polycarbonate face – high impact and scratch resistant
  • Industrial grade – designed to NEMA 12 standards

State of the art:

  • 100% solid state electronics
  • No intake or exhaust fans or filters
  • Direct LED full color display, 6.25mm pitch
  • Operating temperature; 0°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C)

Clarity and readability:

  • Easily seen from 15’ to 250’
  • 1,500 NITS in brightness
  • Superior viewing angle versus an LCD
  • Outstanding contrast and no glare
  • Text and images stand out demanding attention

Connectivity and software:

  • Standard units can be configured for AlphaNet (Alpha protocol) or Ooh!MediaTM software control via a waterproof Ethernet connection. An external WiFi option is also available.
  • The units can also be ordered  so that they are driven through waterproof HDMI/DVI connection from an external controller or player running third party Microsoft Windows based software. This is the ‘monitor’ version of the display.

Learn more:

Click here to download a PDF of the L series product sheet