Unlimited Messaging Capability

If you have an outdoor led sign or are looking to invest in one here are four greats tips on what you can do to ensure you see positive results from your led sign.

restaurant sign

TIP #1 Create attention-grabbing content

  1. Keep it fresh with interesting, updated or informative content. You can include news snippets, temperature, weather forecast, stock-exchange automatic updates, or random quotes to increase the stickiness of your LED display.
  2. Include a call-to-action to your message. For instance, if you are in the retail industry, sale events, new offerings or discounted item prices will catch attention quickly and effectively. If you are in the service industry, showcase upcoming community events and news.
  3. Display content based on certain conditions. For instance, you can showcase your umbrella, emergency kits or windshield wipers when it's about to rain. Or congratulate your local sports team for winning the game.
  4. Break your messages down by time of the day. Use day-parting to display content. Displaying specific messages at the time when consumers need is most likely to be on the minds of consumers. For example, you can advertise your coffee in the morning, a lunch special at noon and live music after 5 pm.

TIP # 2 Use designs and graphics that complement your message

It's fine to experiment with different colors, fonts, images or animations, but do not allow it to distract your message.

  1. Make letters big - at least 1/4 of the screen is recommended to make it readable.
  2. Do not apply glossy effects or shades on your text. These don’t look cool on LED screen.
  3. Use plain text as much as possible. Commuters are more concerned on the road than your ads fuzzy headline.
  4. Make your text easy-to-read.
  5. Use full color graphics to create the highest awareness.
  6. Use graphics that will support and enhance your message effectively.

TIP # 3 Keep the message short and sweet

Consider the speed of traffic passing by your sign. A person typically will see only one message, so make it brief. If your LED sign is located on the road, motorists may only have about 3 seconds to read your message.

  1. Limit the use of capital letters to maximize the readability of your message.
  2. Resist the use of messages that scroll since passersby will only get to read part of it.
  3. Your ad duration should not be greater than 10 seconds to read.

TIP # 4 Determine the best location for your LED signs

Make sure it doesn't get lost in its surroundings. Ensure that the sign is not too harsh or too soft. Consider external factors such as wall color where your sign will be mounted on and the color of the surroundings. Also take note that lighting, time of day and sign height has an effect on the readability of your LED sign.

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