Instructions to Vendors

  1. Supplier is responsible for verifying production of any material is to the latest revision of drawing or standard referenced above, unless otherwise specified.

  2. Adaptive has 30 days to inspect material from receipt. Returns/reworks will be at the supplier’s expense.

  3. Shipments must contain packing slips with:
    1. Vendor name, address, contact information
    2. Adaptive Purchase Order number
    3. Adaptive part number/description
    4. Quantity shipped and unit of measure
    5. Number of containers in the shipment

  4. Provide Safety Data Sheet (SDS) as applicable.

  5. Packaging to be identified with PO number and Part number(s).

  6. On site contractors must follow all Safety Policies and employment laws.

  7. First article submissions require complete inspection reports and material certifications with shipment.

  8. All products, material, and/or services provided shall meet all requirements on this Purchase Order, associated drawings, specifications, and/or other referenced documents. NO deviation is allowed without prior written authorization from Adaptive quality, purchasing, or engineering representative.

  9. Payment terms and conditions per PO and/or Supply Agreement.