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Director Sign User Manual (pn 97022005)

Posted by Mary Jo Preston on Jan 22, 2013 12:18:00 PM

This document describes how to install and set up both the wood and aluminum Director LED signs. Instructions are included for basic sign operation. Also included are instructions on how to install software for sending messages to the sign, as well as a series of examples for how to program messages into the sign using the Remote Control.

The wood Director sign allows 8 rows of text with up to 16 characters per line.

The aluminum Director sign allows 8 rows of text with either 16 or 24 characters per line.

In this revision of the manual, updates were made to the Adaptive logo and trademark information, as well as to the safety messages.

NOTE: This manual revision replaces the Alpha Director user manual (9704-3006) and the user manual for Alpha Director with the Smart Alec option (9705-1008).

Document date: 10/27/03
Director Sign User Manual (pn 97022005).pdf

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