AlphaXpress Arterial Dynamic Message Signs from Adaptive

AX8600 Arterial DMS that meets today’s MUTCD standards.

inset pic ITS 8600AlphaXpress 8600 is the successor of the 8700 series with its proven track record for over 10-years, designed for Arterial and Highway applications using the MUTCD and NEMA TS-4 standard as its design guide.

Standard Key Features:

  • NEMA TS-4 compliant
  • MUTCD compliant
  • 24V Redundant power supplies
  • 30° LED viewing (35Cd per 6 LEDs)
  • Front access to individual cabinets and key components
  • Independent LED circuity - if one LED fails, others on the same string will not be affected
  • NTCIP V2 hardened controller
  • Leading industrial strength Eco friendly Powder Coating on front face panels - Kynar available as an option

inset arterial dynamic

AX2020MM Series of Arterial Signs

inset pic ITS 2020The AX2020 Series of Arterial Signs proposed by Adaptive Micro Systems offers the following benefits and exciting features to the ITS community.

Standard Key Features

  • NEMA TS-4 environmental rated
  • MUTCD - Compliance
  • Redundant 24V current sharing power supplies
  • 70º LED viewing
  • 12400 Cd per pixel
  • Remote Firmware updates from HOST System
  • 20mm Pitch center to center spacing
  • Front access service to key components
  • Compliant with the current version 3 of NTCIP
inset pic ITS 2020 2