LED Displays for ITS
(Intelligent Transportation Systems)

Adaptive can furnish quality Dynamic Message Signs that meets today’s MUTCD and NEMA TS-4 specifications.

inset full colorFor over a decade, Adaptive Micro Systems has provided the transportation industry with state-of-the-art LED based Dynamic Message Signs. Adaptive’s broad DMS product range covers virtually every messaging application from roadside (Intelligent Transportation Systems), to airport, to bus and rail.

Whether the specifications call for small pitch bus shelter displays or large format over-the-highway DMS systems, Adaptive can manufacture LED Displays in any character size, enclosure type, or LED color you require for your project.

Utilizing state-of-the-art diagnostic software and LED display connectivity solutions, Adaptive offers its ITS, transit, and roadway customers the most advanced deployment of NTCIP displays and controller software in the industry.

Transportation is going places it never has before – and Adaptive builds the LED display solutions to keep it running smoothly through out the life of the DMS.

The long life and versatility of Adaptive LED displays make them ideal for a variety of Intelligent Transportation Systems requirements: over-the-road Dynamic Message Signs, variable speed limit signs, trailblazer signs, in Amber or full-color ITS display options.

Fully compliant with NTCIP and MUTCD standards, Adaptive LED displays are durable and designed to withstand the rigors of the roadway.  

Adaptive provides the software to run your ITS as well, combining user-friendly interfaces with maximum control and compatibility with a wide range of other systems.