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7 of the Most Common Support Questions for Adaptive BetaBrite Classic Sign

Posted on Mon, Jun 10, 2013
  1. What's the maximum distance a BetaBrite sign can be from a computer that's running the BetaBrite Messaging Software?
    1. Typically, the distance is 25 feet. However, you can purchase a 50-foot cable.
  1. Can BetaBrite signs be connected to a computer?
    1. YES! Using the BetaBrite Messaging Software, you can create and send messages from your personal computer to a sign.
  1. Why doesn't the sign show the modes or colors that I programmed?
    1. Mode and color selection must always come BEFORE the message text
  1. Why does the sign only save half of my message?
    1. You may have tried to save your file in the middle of your message. In order to save ALL the text in your file, you must always move the file to the end of your message before saving. To do this, press the APPEND key before you press the RUN key to save your message.
  1. How do I display the date in my message?
    1. For Model 1036 BetaBrites -- Use the Time/Date keypad key. For Model 1026 and 1040 BetaBrites -- use the Special M command.
  1. How do I change or remove the password on my sign?
    1. Step 1: Press the PROGRAM key. "Enter Password" will appear.
    2. Step 2: (Model 1040/1026 only -Hold down the SHIFT key) Press the letter "L" six times. "Prog Text File A" should appear.
    3. Step 3: Press the BACK key until "Set Password" appears. 
    4. Step 4: Press the ADV key once and "Set Password Y/N" will appear. 
    5. Step 5: Press "Y". Then "Enter 6 Characters" will appear. 
    6. Step 6: Press the letter "A" six times. "Re-enter 6 characters" will appear. 
    7. Step 7: Press the letter "B" once. The password is now removed.
  1. The clock on my sign seems to work, but the date does not advance daily.
    1. BetaBrite signs do not have a "Real Time" clock feature, and although the signs can keep time, the date will not automatically advance. You must manually advance the date each day.

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