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Expectations and Realizations: What an LED Sign Is and What It Is Not

Posted by Adaptive Micro Systems on Fri, Dec 11, 2015

Digital signage delivers dynamic media content to inform and persuade audiences. It is widely used by local government, retailers, communities, transit systems, and more.  No other medium allows you to deliver rich content at the right time and the right location.

When it comes to the success of outdoor digital signage campaigns, content is critical. An effective message attracts attention, creates buzz, enhances user experience and generates leads. The wrong content could put your digital signage investment to waste. 

If you have a message to deliver, information to share, a product to launch, a brand to build, ensure that you use your LED signs effectively. Most businesses make some mistakes and don’t take advantage of the benefits digital signage can offer. 

Some common mistakes to avoid are:

  • Too much content and busy screen
  • Missing the target audience
  • Too much motion
  • Conflicting messages
  • Black color schemes

It is important to familiarize yourself with what a digital sign is. DSC00025-1.jpg

  1. LED signs ARE a direct source of information. It presents messages in a direct and concise manner.  Motorists and passers-by have a lot to focus on, so ensure that the content of your LED signs is simple, yet memorable.  Keep messages brief, to s ahort sentence, as it needs to capture attention in an instant. 

LED signs ARE NOT a bulletin board or a newspaper. Avoid using the screen to list every event, announcements, messages, etc. all on one screen. 

  1. LED Signage IS dynamic. It needs fresh content, regular updates and real time information. It is vital that you update the messages regularly to keep viewers in-tune into your business and products. Fresh content will keep your audience coming back. Know your audience and set specific messages to talk to them directly. You can customize messages for commuters, students, parents, lunch goers, families, and tourists, etc. 

Use your LED sign to create a high-profile presence for your business through your content. 

LED Signage IS NOT a poster or a "one-time, set-it-and-forget-it" thing. It is not static. People will stop looking at your LED screen if your content becomes stale. 

  1. LED Signage IS an outdoor or indoor display. Content is usually viewed from a distance and from a moving vehicle. The viewing distance is important to know in order to make the content readable. Your viewers are on-the-go. Make sure that it is free from twirling, flashing, or distracting messages and images. In comparison, a digital signage may only contain thousands of pixels (64x128), while an HD television needs millions (1920x1080). 

LED Signage IS NOT an HD television. Its content does not work the same way an HD television does.

  1. LED Signage IS an interesting medium. Give life to your messages and announcements. Make it engaging to attract attention and generate interest. Add relevant visuals to your messages and use proper contrasting colors. Your sign has to be appealing and engage your viewers.

Pay attention to the layout, font, text size, contrast, colors and shapes of the images on the screen. Your content should be able to grab viewer attention in a professional yet effective manner. 

LED Signage IS NOT just any old document. Avoid dullness at all cost. Bland screens are a thing of the past. 

Remember that your LED signs should demand attention. The content should always be readable, relevant, interesting, informative and engaging. 

Check out your LED sign and find out what it can do. Improve your quality of content to utilize its full potential. Do your research and don't hesitate to seek help from your trusted signage company.

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