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LED Signs & Public Service Announcements

Posted by Chad Bogan on Fri, May 22, 2015

Outdoor LED signs do more than advertise your business or attract attention. When you properly unleash its power, your brand can be a hero in the eyes of every audience. images

Whether it's news about emergency  weather conditions, roads being closed, fuel price increases, or upcoming charity events outdoor LED signs can work as a great public service information gateway. 

Most Electronic Messaging Center owners do not realize that they have an excellent tool that can be of help to others. 

According to a study made by the PSA Research Council

"Outdoor is perhaps the most overlooked medium of all when it comes to launching PSA campaigns. Admittedly, the cost of printing billboard paper can be expensive, but given the typical results we have experienced for clients, we believe that outdoor provides excellent exposure opportunities." 

Public Service Announcements  

Public Service Announcements  (PSA) are informative public messages that directly relate to the local community. The messages are viewed as positive and credible sources of information.

It is considered as the most effective means to educate and bring awareness in the mindset of the public. 

One of the most common messages is about health, conservation and safety such as smoking, drinking and gambling. The aim of PSA messages is to raise consciousness about particular issues. 

These announcements are usually sponsored by civic organizations, religious groups, non-profit institutions, or trade associations. Nowadays, even small business and big corporations are incorporating PSA campaigns in their LED signage. 

Tips for displaying useful messages 

Adding Public Service Announcements to your outdoor LED sign can increase respect, admiration and recognition to your business. Here are some great public service announcement ideas that will receive generate positive feedback from your community.

1. Support non for profit organizations.

Most non-profit organizations use public service advertising to inform the public about their mission. It can be fund-raising activities, disability support services, etc. Use your LED signage to help launch their campaigns.

2. Check with your city or local government.

They will let you know about announcements or information they want to broadcast to the public. It can be a council meeting, an upcoming community awareness event, a crime prevention campaign, a service reminder, or even a congratulations message for a town official.

3. Reach out to the local club or associations in your community.

Choose which ones create an impact or those that align with your goals or the interest of the community.

4. Display local AMBER ALERTS.

Be of help to a family who is looking for their child. Get information from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Since there are tons of information available, just select those that are within your region or located miles away from your area.

Stay on neutral grounds. PSA messages are fact that benefits that public. Since these messages are not opinions of anyone, stay politically neutral. Keep your non-controversial or non-adversarial position on everything.

5. Choose your messages wisely.

Promote messages that are of significant interest or importance to the community. Through this, you'll get to gain the respect of people in the community. In some instances, adding PSA content to your LED signage can get you more positive attention than anything else.



Be a hero in your community by running PSA ads in your LED sign. To help you get started with your PSA Campaigns, you can refer to PSA website ( 

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