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Digital Display Solutions for Cinema and Entertainment Industry

Posted by Chad Bogan on Fri, May 08, 2015

Nowadays, the entertainment industry audience wants dynamic and vibrant content that will hold their interest and attention. The need for modern entertainment signage has evolved from traditional print to electronic or digital displays. 

As audiences get their entertainment fixes in movie theaters, auditoriums, or coliseums, those sign alerts and messages about ticket prices, shows, directions, and a lot more will surely keep their interest. Not only does digital signage broadcasts attractive messages, it also creates an exciting ambience for the audience. Adaptive Displays

Digital signage has now become a way to provide great customer service that helps assist guests in their every theater visit. It presents film availability and ticket price charts dynamically. 

For instance, those big and colorful signage at the movie theater's front building informs people of the latest movie titles they should watch. While those smaller signage plastered throughout the theater and other locations informs people of what they can look forward to. Some signage also helps in wayfinding especially in those buildings with various floors and multiple venues. 

In cinemas, digital signage interacts with movie goers when choosing which film to watch, while standing in line to buy treats or while waiting for the movie to begin.  

Understanding Modern Movie Theater's LED Signage Needs 

In the past, movie theaters use translucent Mylar strips to identify the films shown in the auditorium. Mylar stripes are which are manually inserted into mini sign cabinets at the entrance of the movie auditorium. Another sliding track shows the time slots for each film. 

In this case, it can be very costly for auditoriums especially those who are supporting several movies. It's also labor intensive considering the different movie title cards needed and changing it with every new film title openings. 

This is the reason why digital signage has become part of most modern movie houses as it helps enhance the visitor's movie experience. It guides viewers on their movie choices as well as its location in the auditorium venue. 

Digital signage is an ambience enhancing tool. It can transform a theater lobby that will make theater goers immerse into the magic of movies, stories and images. You can also interact with them directly thru their smartphones such as movie souvenir promotions, advance tickets, gift certificates, group discounts, etc. This helps increase customer engagement. 

In fact, digital signage displays in cinema lobbies, hallways and waiting areas can support all these:

  • Time slots and venue of current moviestheater1
  • Seating information availability
  • Trailers of current and upcoming movies
  • Special offers, food packages, deals for kids, etc. 
  • Cinema news
  • Social media updates
  • Special screenings
  • Upcoming film festivals
  • Advertisements of local businesses

Electronic Signage Package System

Digital signage in movie theaters usually includes several message reader boards with the following components:

1. Concessions area 

Most theater goers are grabbing their popcorns, soda pops, chips, sandwiches, etc. before they enter the theater. Digital signage can complete the theater experience by keeping the mood and atmosphere within the theater. This in turn increases sales of the concessionaires as they'll get to display their menus as well.

2. Message reader boards 

This is single large horizontal banner strip that runs across a movie theater marquee. This application streams a list of the latest films in the theater and its corresponding rating value. Short reviews or star ratings can be attached to each movie title. 

3. Ticket booth message readers 

This display is placed in the ticket sellers counter area. It usually lists current films, time of next showing, ticket prices and seat availability status. The message on this screen is in line with the ticketing system so that theaters without available seats will automatically be reflected on the message board. 

4. Directional signage 

Digital signage can direct movie patrons of large theater complexs. Since these theaters usually have several movie auditoriums, directional signage will prove to be helpful in finding their ways around. 

Digital signage displays marketing messages alongside entertainment-oriented content for modern cinemas and other entertainment venues. It improves marketing, strengthens communications and enhances operational efficiency. 

LED messaging systems are being implemented in every new movie theater construction and those movie theaters that are undergoing renovations. Modernization is essential in a theater's development, and a digital signage is a viable necessity to that needed an upgrade. Having a digital reader board system lets movie patrons know everything they need - from "Now Showing" films, ticket prices and which auditorium it's playing in, and a lot more. 

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