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Coffee's for closers

Posted by Chad Bogan on Tue, May 05, 2015

Outdoor led signage is continuously making an impact and its market is growing, however, sales remain to be a challenge.  You need to understand that you're selling more than led signs - you're establishing an ongoing


1. Knowledge

Do your homework. Know the specific market that will use outdoor led signs. Small businesses, restaurants, stadiums, schools, churches, etc. have specific needs. Determine how an outdoor led sign can give them a competitive edge.

2. Education

Help your client understand led signage technology by using words and explanations that they are familiar with. Provide them with information that they can relate to and easily understand. Help them feel confident about the led signage they would be purchasing. 

Educate and train your sales team. Discuss the products with them so they'll be confident about the products they are selling. 

3. Analysis

Take the time to analyze and truly understand the needs of your clients. The most expensive product is not always the solution. It's not always about making a sale. When you are able to find that perfect product for your customer and they are happy, you're building a great reputation. 


4. Show than Tell

There's a chance that your client already has ideas what a outdoor led sign is and how it works. But sometime their knowledge is limited and you have to help them see the possibilities that a outdoor led sign can provide. Invest in an interesting demo content that is suitable for the organization or the location. Providing them with a proof of concept is a way to lead the sale. When making a sale, lead in with content. This helps communicate the benefits and advantages of a outdoor led sign, which is more important than simply making that sales pitch.

5. Sell Solutions

Lead your sales with content that will make the client see the solution to the problem. Instead of a client thinking, "I don't have a sign in my storefront window," it would be - "I plan to advertise my weekly specials in my store window." When you sell a solution instead of the product itself, then the chances of making a sale becomes easier.

6. Partnership

Work with a reliable manufacturer to ensure that your clients will get the signage they need. Make sure all bases are covered - from simple information to a quick response that you need. A great manufacturer can provide you with that needed sales training, tools, resources and information to help you close the deal successfully.








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