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Outdoor LED Signs: Transforming Today's Church

Posted by Chad Bogan on Fri, May 01, 2015

Churches and houses of worship of all sizes are giving more effort to reach out to this generation and the next. Some make use of music, images or flashy lights to engage and inspire people. Creating appeal to the community is a vital growth factor. Since communication is essential in relations building, one of the best ways to interact with the church community is to invest in a outdoor led sign. church

LED church signs is a modern-day church messaging solution. It's an effective ministry tool that can help bridge the between church and culture. Many churches have already recognized the need to invest in digital signage to not only to update the look and feel of the church, but more importantly, to communicate information more efficiently. 

Outdoor LED signs can inspire and motivate people. Visual messages with eye-catching graphics and text can provide spiritual uplift to community members.  It opens up lots of opportunities to reach younger congregants, diverse groups and even passersby.  

How Does an outdoor LED Sign Bring Value to a Churchs? 

Spread Message Effectively 

Since led signs are dynamic, the church can communicate all kinds of messages such as sermons, fellowship topics, mission trips, fundraising projects, events, charity drives and other community happenings. It makes content delivery on time as messages can be scheduled daily or weekly depending on the audience. 

General Announcements 

All kinds of announcements can be promoted and shared easily on digital signage screens.

  • Mass schedules and services
  • Prayer requests
  • Special meetings
  • Community outreach and partner programs
  • Volunteer and service opportunity needs
  • Weather conditions, traffic information and emergency alerts
  • Church festivals, weddings and other activities
  • Special services, prayer times, and holy days 

Worship Broadcasts 

Outdoor led signs can be places in other parts of a churchs campus so everyone can participate by watching it on screen. This can include visitors who can't find seats inside the church, families with active kids, volunteers in the nursery, etc. 

The church can also broadcast pre-recorded video sermons during other days. 

Displaying sermon highlights and hymn lyrics on screen encourages more participation from church goers. LED signs makes sure that everyone sees the messages and other information. 

Wayfinding for Church Goers and Visitors 

Outdoor led signs can display maps and directions for church visitors. It's a great help for people who attend weddings and other church events to help them get where they're going. 

Programming a slideshow of the bride and groom (if it's a wedding) or the baby (if it's a christening) will entertain guests as they arrive for the ceremony. Personalized messages for visitors can also be displayed.  

Although several churches and religious congregations recognize the need to spread the faith, inspire people and increase church attendance effectively, adopting a signage is still a big step. This is why it is important to make the right choice and look for the best signage partner who will assist them in the entire process. 

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