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Build Meaningful Business Relationships

Posted by Chad Bogan on Tue, Apr 28, 2015

In today's fast-paced technological age, it is essential to build better business relationships.

Building meaningful business relationships is more than having a social media page, marketing campaigns, or the latest app or software that promises to nurture customers. Well, these are all essential business tools, but don't forget the most important key. It even extends beyond providing people with the best product or excellent service. PeopleBuy

Just like in any life's relationships, the habits and rules that lead to the success of running your led sign business are similar. 

By having better relationships with your clients, employees, suppliers, and your network is one way to enhance your LED sign business.  It also builds your reputation. It grows your business, expands your network, promote referrals, and a lot more.  

Here's what you can do in developing productive and enduring relationships:

1. Be human. 

Every interaction with your client gives you an opportunity to build the relationship. 

However, most businesses make a mistake of memorizing sales pitches or giving the same answers. Customers want to communicate with a real person and be listened to. 

So when you get to talk with a customer, whether it's online or face-to-face, make it as personal as possible. Mention their names, be polite yet conversational. Through this, you'll get to build connections with them. When you communicate like a human-being, your customers will remember that the next time they need your services.

2. Build trust. 

Trust is at the core of every relationship, so be honest at all times. No relationship will survive is there is no trust. Don’t do anything that can damage your integrity and reputation. Don’t miss meetings, and don’t flake on your promises. Don’t twist the truth or think that those little white lies are acceptable. It’s the quickest way to ruin a relationship.  

When you do the right thing, you'll see that your relationships will grow stronger. 

3. Show interest in other people. 

Know your customers and employees. You'll gain respect when you know how to show interest in other people. Know their names, what they want, where they hang out, their family, etc. Listen to their stories, what they have to say and be sincerely interested. People will remember it when you take time to know them.

4. Learn to appreciate. 

Always look for what is good in a person. 

Make your people feel proud to be proud of your team. Acknowledge them and congratulate them for a job well done. Praise them publicly. When your people feel great, their morale will increase. This prompts them to work them and give their best continuously. 

5. Ask for help or feedback. 

Get your people involved. Hear what they have to say and let them pitch in. It gives them the responsibility and makes them feel that their really part of your business. Their own experience and knowledge are important as well. Seek their comments and suggestions. 

Also, reach out to your network. There's a huge chance that you'll get to receive tons of help or referrals when you need it.

Same goes with your customers. Talk to them and ask them what they like or what they want. Doing this makes you see the areas you need to improve on. 

When you think of people as experts in their own way, they'll always be willing to provide advice and support you.

6. Live with respect. 

Respect is the key to every relationship. Treat everyone - your customers, employees, investors, social media followers, etc. with ultimate respect. 


Here are more suggestions on how to build your relationships:

  • Think of people as more than just "clients" or "employees" or revenue streams
  • Always communicate with respect
  • Admit your mistakes or misjudgements, and correct them promptly
  • Address issues and problems right away
  • Work towards a win-win solution
  • Don't make assumptions or be judgemental
  • Stay connected