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Close More Sales with Successful Product Demonstrations

Posted by Chad Bogan on Mon, Apr 27, 2015

When closing a sale, nothing is better than doing an on site product demonstration. It allows you to takes your outdoor led sign system on site to show customers the effectiveness and high quality craftsmanship of the LED display. Customers who see the full potential of a outdoor LED sign on their facility are more likely to make a purchase. AdaptiveTruck

Demos are great opportunities to show not only how your product works, but how the outdoor LE sign provides real value. It's also a great chance to show your solution to a potential customer’s problem and how passionate you are about it. 

Here are strategies to conduct a great product demonstration:

Know your audience 

Get some information about your prospects before the demo. Use this to understand their business and their needs to help you choose the best content to run. This is to be sure that you cover the information they are interested about.  

Engage with the customer through a conversation and not a speech.

Know your product 

It is important to have full familiarity of your what are demonstrating. Your prospects expect that they are dealing with a signage expert. It pays to know how your product can help solve their problems. It makes you ready for all the concerns and questions they would ask.

Understand the customer's issues 

When you understand and see the needs of your prospects, you'll get to map the benefits that your outdoor LED sign can provide them with. 

Schedule demo with the sun is out

The brightness of a outdoor LED sign is important since it's going to be under the sun all day long. It should not look washed out during the day.  Set your sign facing the sun so the prospects can view the display straight on, from a distance. This shows how the outdoor LED sign looks and how visible the content is under direct sunlight.

Customize your demo 

With outdoor LED signage, there's no one-size-fits-all solution. Since every client is unique and have different needs, get specific about the points you want the customer to see. Show the problem that you want to solve for your client.

Give a grand tour 

Give an impressive high level product overview. Tell why this sign is the best solution that meets the prospect's needs.  Then show the entire outdoor LED sign, front and side, near and from afar. Walk or drive by the display to let your prospect see how the content continues to create an impact. 

Instead of talking about how great your outdoor LED sign is, show it. Assert its greatness!

Give you’re a customer piece of mind 

Point out the features that will give confidence to your customer. Show them how easy it is to change the content, how wonderful the warranty is, etc. 

Lessen the customer's worry about the software that they will use as well. Show the basics and make them feel how easy it is to use the software.

Lead with "Wow" content 

Showcase the "wow" moment of the outdoor LED sign. Remember that quality content can help you close the sale!. 

Save this "wow" content when you're nearing the close of a sales demo. It makes you end on a high note. And don't forget to set the outdoor LED sign to maximum brightness. 

Tip: Show content that is relevant to your customer. Content should include a mix of ACE (Ads, Community event announcements, Entertaining messages)

Save questions for the end 

Take control of your demo.  Beforehand, inform your clients to be ready with their questions after the demo so you can all focus on the product. Letting lots of questions while making the demo makes you run out of time or lose focus of the key points. If a client asks a question during the demo, give a brief answer and state that you will go into its full details after the demo.

In every demo, remember to rehearse, test everything beforehand and focus on your customer.  Have a back-up plan in case something goes wrong. The more prepared you are, the more likely will you get to the customer's approval. 

After the demo, move the sale forward and close the deal.

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