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Enhance Community and Visitor Experience using outdoor LED Signage

Posted by Chad Bogan on Fri, Apr 24, 2015

What is the best way to enhance a sense of community and make the community become a landmark for timely information? 

Signage of all kinds plays an important role in establishing the community, identifying the neighborhood and contributing to the economic and cultural well-being of communities. streetsmart series

In today's high-speed society, information and directional signs remain to be essential for public convenience and safety outdoor led signs can help keep residents informed with timely information, latest neighborhood happenings, civic events, directions, festivals and a lot more.  It gives you a fun and interactive way to unite and connect with everyone in the community. 

Signage connects the entire community 

The vibrant images and colorful text of full color outdoor led signage tend to attract and capture the attention of people walking or driving by. Because of its real time function, residents will be aware about important information. 

It is the quickest and easiest way to inform the public about:

  • tax deadlines and instructions
  • local news and weather
  • upcoming community events or trade fairs
  • local government office/service hours
  • traffic conditions
  • alerts about emergency situations 

Signage elevates the community's marketability 

Every community needs to make a good impression on visitors. One of the first things that visitors see when they drive through a city is its signage. 

Having a proper signage informs people driving by about the community's attractions, operations and other tourism services. Outdoor led signage can help relieve the stress or anxiety when travelling in an unfamiliar place. 

  • It guides visitors to where they want to go - city centers, business districts, monuments, natural parks, etc.
  • It helps motorists make decisions and reach their destinations safely
  • It helps motorists to slow down if there are turning points or road constructions
  • It also provides roadway directions that increase the frequency of visitor visits.
  • It maintains the visual attractiveness of the city and its environment 

Signage boosts civic involvement 

Outdoor led signs is the most effective way to reach people who just move into the community or those passing through.

It creates awareness about particular attractions and local events

  • It promotes eco-friendliness as it uses less energy and requires minimal maintenance.
  • It makes residents aware of opportunities in the community 

Signage is essential for community residents and visitors alike. From finding information and services they need, to reaching the attraction they are looking for, signage makes everyone enjoy the experience. 

Using outdoor led signage can help define and build a community's image. It gives everyone a sense of belonging. Visitors are more likely to leave with a positive experience of the community.


Cities, towns and municipalities benefit greatly from branding and image through and wayfinding signage. Make sure that your community has distinctive signage that represents the personality and identity of your city.