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How do I Choose the Right LED Sign Company?

Posted by Chad Bogan on Thu, Apr 23, 2015

With so many outdoor LED sign choices, where will you start? Are you sure that you're buying an effective outdoor led sign that is built to last? 

The LED sign industry is growing rapidly. This makes comparing LED manufacturers challenging as their standards and processes are different.  These companies all have different specializations, technical specifications, warranties and more! 

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Like most potential outside LED sign buyers who consider the price as the deciding factor, you have to know that there are other things you need to consider. With the overwhelming choices available in the market, it seems that choosing the right outdoor led sign becomes a daunting task. 

The important thing to remember here is finding out that the LED company is a really good resource of signage and not simply pushing their products in the market. 

Selecting the right outdoor LED sign manufacturer and sign installer means a difference between outstanding installation or major disappointment. It is essential that you know some guidelines in order to select the signage that meets your budget and fulfil your needs. Remember that at the end of the day, what you want and what you need matters a lot. 

Use this guide to help you choose a reputable LED sign dealer or manufacturer. 

Choose the LED Vendor for your Needs 

LED signage is a big investment. You should not gamble your success to an unknown manufacturer/dealer or the one with the lowest quote. A low quality sign that brings persistent problems will only create a negative impression on your business. It can hurt your business rather that help it. 

Ask for references to see the outdoor led signs installed. See if those signs are up and running, and ask the sign owner about the sign. The more knowledge and information you have, the more sure you are that your LED partner can help you succeed. 


Determine your specific requirements. Look for a sign company that specializes in a particular project or sign material you desire. Choose a company proficient in making a certain type of signage. Ask very company for references! Through this, you'll get faster turnaround, better pricing and quality results. 

Operational Ease 

Choose an outdoor led sign system that is simple, easy to use and operate. One thing to always remember to look into is the messaging software you would use to get your message on to the outdoor led sign. Make sure you ask to see a demo of the software. This saves you the cost of hiring an operator when you or your team can handle the simple user system interface. 

Support and Service

An outdoor LED sign should not add problems to your business. To avoid this, make sure that your sign company provides prompt service, support and easy to understand solution whenever you need it. If the sign vendor can walk you through the installation and is available when you encounter unexpected problems, then you've found a good company. Also check if they can provide support online and on-site.







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