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6 LED Screen Content Creation Mistakes to Avoid

Posted by Chad Bogan on Mon, Apr 20, 2015

The first impression that people make about your business is very important. This is why the benefits that a outdoor led sign brings to your business are always unmatched. If you get your digital signage wrong or neglect it, you'll be killing its effectiveness and hurt yourbusiness sales.  

This is why it is important to capitalize on the benefits of having LED sign in order to maximize the return of your investment. One of the best benefits a digital signage brings is communicating your message clearly to your customers. 

outdoor led sign

Here are common LED sign content mistakes you need to avoid especially when creating content.

The designer plays a key role in LED screen content creation. If you invest in a good designer, your signage will sell itself well at all 

1. Skimping on the content/ad designer

 times. A sign with a bad design will make potential customers think that you don't care enough about your business. Don't scrimp on your budget. You can also send your content designer to the actual signage screen so he can view how the final content looks like on screen.

2. Not knowing what to communicate

Your audience will be confused when you display too many messages at once. Don't stuff everything on your screen or else, your message will get lost. This overload of information will make viewers forget what they read or see on your screen.

Remember that your goal is to deliver information. There should only be a single message displayed on screen at a given moment.

4. Not communicating a clear message

Several LED features can make your messages fun and engaging to attract more attention. However, cluttering your screen with too much animations, effects or colors will make it difficult for readers to read and understand your message.

When creating content and displaying your message, use effects, animations and colors to your advantage. Make sure your message can be read clearly and easily. Find the right balance between readability, creativity and fun.

5. Displaying messages at the wrong time

You'll surely miss your target audience if you don't display your messages at the right time. For instance, your sale or event announcements are displayed when everyone is already at their offices. Know the arrival of your potential customers to coordinate your messages to reach them. Make sure your content is relevant and is reaching the right audience. 

6. Letting content get stale

In this digital age, information can become old within a few days. The same message that runs every day, the whole month, will bore the audience. They will stop looking at your screen if they are accustomed to the message already.

So keep your content fresh regularly. Show content for shorter time period. Digital signage allows you to automatically program messages and display them on whatever time you specify.

Another tip is to include basic information such as temperate, weather condition, upcoming holidays, etc. These enhance the stickiness of your message.


7. Not getting your team involved

Don't miss the benefits of having a outdoor led sign by failing to designate people who will manage your LED messages. It is essential that you appoint a team -content designers, IT staff, content schedulers, etc. - who will update the sign and schedule messages. Through this, you can also analyze which content are working and which are not. Doing this lets you maximize the benefits of having an outdoor led sign. 

Remember that you'll never get a second chance to make a first impression. So make sure that you're making a strong impression that's worth remembering. Make your audience look at your LED screen and deliver and deliver your message in the best way possible. A outdoor led sign is not an investment you want to cut corners on.

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