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Outdoor LED Signage For Small Business Owners

Posted by Chad Bogan on Thu, Apr 16, 2015

Every business, regardless of size or industry, relies heavily on marketing and advertising. However, most small businesses focus on print and online media to gain exposure and reach their target market. These are good marketing strategies, but still it is limited. led sign

As a small business owner, it is important that your marketing should be working all days throughout the year. This is one reason why small businesses struggle to keep up with the market and their bigger competitors who have more money and resources. 

Boost your business using an outdoor LED sign 

LED Signage is your flexible alternative. It's a worthy investment that allows you to change and make updates to your message, then announce it in real time. 

Advancement in technology gives small business owners that chance to level the playing field.  In the past years, small business owners do not consider a LED sign as a solution due to because of its high cost and complexity. 

With an outdoor led sign, you don't need to spend time and money for creating, printing, delivery and installation of posters or billboards. This is a great solution as finances and marketing budget of most small businesses are limited. 

More small business owners now are considering a LED sign as an effective way to reach target audience, keep regulars entertained, interact with their customers, promote their products or services, and a lot more. 

When used effectively, outdoor LED signs will help boost your business growth, sales and client base. 

A study made by the Small Business Administration, it proves that "no other form of advertising comes close to matching the efficiency and cost-effectiveness, dollar for dollar, of an LED display." 

A led sign gives you control over the message and graphics. Through this, you can keep your advertising fresh and in real time for new and existing customers. It doesn't limit your business creativity or potential the way traditional signage does. You can even use it to add a fresh look and energy to your retail outlets, or make waiting customers enjoy their time. 

It helps increase your brand exposure in the city or community.  For instance, restaurant owners can try different menus to display weekly and compare the sales afterwards. Local coffee shops can experiment with their hot and cold beverages depending on the weather temperature. 

LED signs is a cost-effective advertising medium. Your advertising works all day and all year long. It's a unique way to capture attention and turn your traffic into sales. 

Make LED Signage Work for your Small Business

Here are four simple ways to make the most of this investment: 

1. Keep the content fresh and current. Give your customers the latest news, updates, specials, offers, information, etc.

2. Timing is everything. Know about your audience. Find out the best time to reach them so you can tailor fit your digital signage message. 

3. Give people a reason to care. Bring desire and inspire action. Make sure that your sign fulfils it purpose that makes people pay attention to it.

4. Gather feedback from staff, visitors and passersby. Set a few minutes and ask people what they think about the messages on screen. Make adjustments when needed. 


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