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Adaptive Releases NEW Line of Alpha™Series LED Theater Signs

Posted by Chad Bogan on Tue, Apr 14, 2015

Adaptive Micro Systems releases a complete new line of direct led theater signage solutions.

Adaptive Micro Systems has recently announced the release of a new line of full color showschedule Alpha™ Direct LED displays. Perfect for theaters, these no glare displays have been engineered to create an impactful viewing experience that is 3X brighter and clearer then traditional LCD/LED displays.

Highly visible from 300’ away the new Alpha™ Series can  easily be seen at even the hardest viewing angles. In comparison to other forms of onsite LED signage the new energy efficient Alpha™ Series require less than half the operating power and on average feature a life span of 10+ years! 

When paired with the included intuitive Simply Theater Software (STS) you have a turnkey complete solution that will enable you to easily broadcast your showtimes, spotlight concession specials and other important notifications! 

Simply Theater Software automatically delivers wayfinding and showtime information directly to the Alpha™displays. Once set up the system can operate entirely on its own or it can be connected directly with your point-of-sale system. 

The many features of this updated software include; 

  • Built in Show Scheduler for use without a Point of Sale system – automatically populated when used with a POS.
  • Full support for full color box office and Lobby Directional displays
  • Built in analytics and reporting for small theatre venues
  • Run-time configurable.
  • Able to use for both interior and exterior use, regardless of the weather 

With Simply Theater Sofware you will easily be able to create messages and advertisements that can be scheduled to automatically appear at the appropriate time on the LED display. 

The display features can go by show times, rating, the auditorium showing the title and can be displayed in a newspaper-like listing that allows for multiple auditoriums with the same title to merge. This shows time chronologically and allows you to drop duplicate titles and film ratings automatically from the Alpha™  Direct LED Display. 

If you are currently using a theater software such as Allure you can easily connect their third party player to our displays. It’s that easy! 

About Adaptive Micro Systems

Adaptive Micro Systems was one of the first companies to provide theaters across America with easy to use long lasting interior Box Office LED displays and solutions. Since launching their first Alpha indoor display series in 1978 Adaptive has grown into being one of the country’s leading US manufacturers of both indoor and outdoor led displays. This continued growth has been possible due to their continued dedication to continually supporting market demands and customers of all sizes with innovative products and state of the art solutions.


Contact: Mike Krauss

Phone:  800-719-2838 / 262-347-7082



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