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4 Tips to Make your LED Sign Text Stand-Out

Posted by Chad Bogan on Wed, Apr 01, 2015

When designing content for LED signage, banners or window signs, ensure that your targetaudience can read the message you want to tell them. After all, the goal is to create an impact and stand out. A out door led sign won't perform effectively if it blends in and becomes part of theenvironment for it will only receive little attention from passersby. 


Your money and effort will go to waste when the sign won't be visible and readable. When creating visible and easy-to-read signage, several factors matter such as the size of the letters and colors.

Here are 4 ways to make your text stand-out.

1. Choose the right font type 

The font type impacts the visibility of the message. Thin fonts and script fonts should be left out as these can potentially decrease a text’s visibility. These are also too difficult to read from afar. 

Serif, sans serif, bold and italics are good choices as long as it's legible. Make sure that the letters are easily distinguishable from a distance. 

For optimum result and readability, follow a good rule of thumb: Use a font that can be read from 100 feet away by your target audience. 

Think about the distance of your viewers from the signage. 

To test the font, type your message in a computer program using different font styles, colours, and sizes. Print the document and post it against a wall. Step back at different distances to check if the message is still readable. This is to know how your text choices affect the readability of your sign.

2. Use minimum of two fonts 

Combining font styles, colors and sizes is part of grabbing the reader's attention and communicating the message effectively. But then, using too many font or styles will make the sign look bad. It makes the signage look too busy with too much confusing imagery. It causes visual confusion and degrades the legibility of your message. 

In creating a digital signage, limit your choice to only one or two fonts.  When using two fonts, use related fonts or font in the same families to give your design an organized look.

3. Use BIG font sizes 

Outdoor led signage with simple, direct message and big fonts win the competition for attracting viewers.  Big fonts improve readability, making your message visible at greater distances. It also gives the viewer more time to process your message. 

And not only that, big fonts brings life to your message. 

Rule of Thumb: Use minimum type size of 18" tall or use 3' and taller for optimal effect.

4. Proper font management 

Give your text room to breathe. If it’s too overcrowded, the message will become difficult to read. 

Have a distinct contrast between the headline, main message and secondary message.  Use bold and larger text for headlines to set it apart from the body. Use a smaller or different font for the secondary message. 

  • Make your typefaces Bold. These grab viewer's attention strongly.
  • Avoid fancy font styles. These are hard to read and usually invisible at longer distances.
  • Avoid ALL CAPs. These are also less legible.
  • Ensure that text colors have high contrast with the background color
  • Have ample spaces between individual letters to blurring
  • Use contrasting font size, style, and weight
  • Choose text sizes that are proportional to the overall size of your sign

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