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More Sales Closing Techniques That Really Work

Posted by Chad Bogan on Wed, Mar 25, 2015

What kind of sales team you have? Do you create and nurture your relationship with your clients? Or do you aggressively search for the next sale? 

You and your sales staff have prepared a sales strategy, but are still not making that sale - why? What do you think is wrong? 

Here are a couple of good closing techniques that are worth trying. abc closin

Quality Close 

When selling LED signage it is important spotlight the technical and quality aspects of the led sign. When you state the features, focus on the benefits that it will bring for your customers.

Example –

Your message will always be seen by passing by traffic. This is due to the led signs built in Glare-Shield™ and AutoShine™ technologies.

Glare-Shield™ - dissipates sunlight, reducing glare to ensure optimal readability. The led signs content is easier to read than standard led signs.

AutoShine™ - detects and auto-adjusts to ambient light levels for max clarity and readability day or night, in any weather.

Aside from discussing the hardware benefits vividly describe the ads and messages that can be displayed on the led sign. Make sure the ads you are describing directly relate to the customers business and needs.

Talk about how this product will attract more customers and bring in more sales.  To help inform him on how it will attract more customer, you can always provide him with a free traffic report. This report will provide him with hard numbers of yearly traffic that  passes his establishment every year.

Assumptive Ownership Close 

This technique seeks to establish that final closure with the principle of owning the product - the customer owning what is being sold. 

Talk about your product and how it fits into their business. Admire it. Act as if the product is already with them. 

It sets the mindset of your customer to shift that desire into the benefits and advantages once they owned the product. Use this technique if you sense your customer declares their need for your product and is ready to move on to the next stage of the sales process -that is, tying up loose ends and finalizing the sale. 


"What offers or promotions will you display on your LED sign next week?" 

Once they start to describe the ads let your customer know that you will include in with the led sign free professionally made custom content

Manager Close 

This technique acknowledges the manager as an authority. As a salesperson, your way of giving discounts is limited. If it comes to a point where the customer wants a discount or other kind of negotiations, then you need to check with the manager. 

You then return with the final offer.  For example, you can say:

"With a little persuading with my manager, she/he agreed to give you additional discount..." 

This is a simple yet effective method as you are acting to be on behalf of your customer. You negotiate what they want to your manager. From the customers point of view you are their advocate and understand their needs and budget.  You are showing them that you'll go out of the way to help them get what they want. 

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