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6 Ways to Maximize the Result of your LED Signage

Posted by Chad Bogan on Mon, Mar 23, 2015

Don't underutilize the power of your digital messaging displays. Displays on your LED signage are a representation of your business. The images, message, animations and text, etc. that people see on your digital screen are deciding factors on whether or not customers will do business with you.

Similar to any other advertising mediums, having the right mix of visuals and content is important to target the appropriate audience for your offering.outdoor led sign

The primary purpose of LED display is not simply to impress and attract attention, but to communicate your brand's message effectively.  The ultimate goal is to focus on the message and make it clear and straightforward as possible. And of course, stand out from the competition.

So, how can you get the most results and attract attention from your LED message center?

1. Define your goals 

Identify what you need to achieve with your LED signage so you can develop a strategy to meet that goal. Your goals can be:

  • To make people walk into your store
  • To make customers to call or email you
  • To promote a new product or service
  • To invite people to an event

2. Attract attention 

Make your message impossible to ignore.  Add graphics and animations that connect to your business to keep you on top of the people's mind. These graphics and animations are more likely to persuade people to take an action. 

  • Use visuals that complement your message
  • Use bright colors that light brilliantly
  • Use high-contrasting colors like blue on yellow
  • Add a border around the text so it won't blend in with the background
  • Use moving message displays to bring more interest and generate sales

3. Use full messaging capabilities 

Digital signage allows you to customize your message in real time to reach a wider audience. Some messages are also more effective that the others and produce different reaction for each individual.  

  • Schedule messages with your audience in mind to connect to them better to the message on the sign
  • Have at least 3 different set of messages
  • Find out what your target customers want at different times of the day, week, or weather and offer it to them.
  • Display news, updates and special events
4. Be in the "Now"

Don't simply advertise your specials. Let people know what's hot and special at different times of the day. Create flash specials to bring life to your signage. This is a way to entice people to walk into your storefront.

For instance:

  • "Freshly-baked doughnuts!" in the morning
  • "Two cookies and a drink for $2!" in the afternoon
  • "Grab an apple pie to go!" during off peak hours
5. Additional content aside from advertising offer 

In addition to your advertisement and promotion, providing beneficial information helps build trust with your target audience. Include messages that informs, educate and provides value.

For example:

  • Temperature, time and weather feeds
  • Industry statistics
  • Latest news
  • Quote of the day
  • "Did you know?" messages
  • Congratulations team!
  • Welcome home veterans!

6. Avoid skimping on quality 

Your dedication and commitment matters a lot. Using last year's design and outdates technologies won't bring great results for your signage.

While you may have all kinds of ideas on what you want for your LED signage to look like, there are highly-technical aspects that requires assistance. You can familiar yourself with these technologies, but having a good relationship with sign dealer or partners brings the best result.


Remember that your LED signage is a direct reflection of you and your business. It is going to be viewed by thousands of different eyes every minute of the day.  People pay attention to what catches their eye and their interest. When you capture their interest, you have to manage to keep it and move them to take action. This is why you have to work and get the best results for your LED message center.

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