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4 Techniques to Seal the Deal

Posted by Chad Bogan on Fri, Mar 13, 2015

Let's face it, in a typical sales encounter more than half of your prospect will say "No" to your sales offer. This is because most buyers today are more cautious when making a

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 purchasing decision. 

It means that you need to have several sales closing techniques at your disposal in order to get your target. 

Since sales are about closing deals, your sales career will surely suffer if you remain weak in closing a deal. Closing a sale becomes difficult when a salesperson finds it hard to secure a "Yes" from his client. By using effective sales closing techniques, a salesperson can prime his clients to make a purchase. 

It is important that you understand closing techniques in order to seal the deal effectively. 

If you are in need a few sales tips or want to improve your sales techniques here are closing sales strategies close more effectively. These will also help you handle buyer's concerns, speed up the sales process and increase your sales revenue. 

Value Building Close

This approach spotlights key hardware and solution benefits of the product. The features and benefits you re recapping should always be directly connected to the customers need. 


  • You mentioned that you don’t know how to make good looking ads for the sign and truly don’t have the time to deal with scheduling or creating ads for the sign. With our led signs we will make a --Free Full Color Custom LED Sign Content ad’s, announcements or any other message you want.
    • What are your top 5 highest margin items you sell?
    • Once we have them created we will preload them onto the sign and pre-schedule them to automatically play for you!

Alternative Close 

If you sense that your client is still not satisfied or shows any kind of discontent with the benefits and solutions you have offered, and then provide them with options. Some buyers like choices at the point of sale, but be careful of presenting them with too many choices. Simply offer options as an added value that can shape their specific needs. Use this technique for a client to make a choice and for you to initially gain an agreement to complete the sales process.


  • -Outdoor Full Color LED Displays would best fit your restaurant needs?
  • Would you prefer a basic, easy to use single color LED sign or a more advanced full color sign? 

Think About It Close 

LED signage is a huge investment. Most of your potential clients need time to consider the product and review your quotes. So instead of being pushy, give your customers time to think. 

Well, if you have a good product and have established a good relationship with your client, then defer today's sale to a future sale. Give your customer the time they need. 

A good follow up to your customer thinking about is a detailed re-cap of the solution. Going over the customers needs, re-answering their questions, then re-present your solution.


Financial Close 

Price objection is one of the factors why the sales process doesn't push through. Through this approach, you can help overcome financial objections by making the client see that they can not only afford but will experience a RAPID RETURN ON INVESTMENT. 

Providing your customer a traffic appraisal is a great way of demonstrating to your customer what the average passing by traffic is for the establishment. Let your customer know that the passing by traffic can equal new sales and customers!

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