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LED Signs: Making a Great Impression for your Business

Posted by Chad Bogan on Thu, Mar 12, 2015

People are constantly surrounded by advertising and promotions. Getting your business name, message or events in the lights means something because more people are likely to see it. It stood out, make an impression and attract large crowds. 

Your LED sign should not blend in with the rest for when it does, it isn't doing its job


effectively. Instead, it should continually generate impression. For instance, if you find yourself stopping and take the time to look the LED sign, then chances are that your potential customers are doing the same. 

 information to as many people as possible. Every business or organization can use it to attract more customers, increase sales, and generate more attendance at special events, and a lot more.  Nothing is more effective at accomplishing that goal than an LED sign that generates impression day and night. The whole idea of having LED sign is to bring

Keep your content fresh

LED signage is not just a screen for an advertising. If you strictly use it for advertising, people will get accustomed to it and will stop looking at the LED screen. People won't pay attention to something that has already become irrelevant. 

Since one of the best things about LED signage is its ability to change information easily and showcase it in real-time,  you need to update the content regularly. Ideally, this content should be useful, information, and fresh every day. 

If you update your LED slides frequently, people will continually check to see what the message is. 

For example, you can include news updates, temperature, weather forecast, or a random quote in your LED screen. Customers also tend to glance over signage with information about sales or specials.  If you can manage to get people look at your screen with an early morning quote together with your breakfast item, then that is great publicity. 

Your message will remain fresh in the people's mind. It will even stand out from competitors who don't take time to change their content.

Change visuals

Like your business, your LED sign should also be responsive to changes. When you keep your content fresh, don't forget to update the visuals - which you can do from time to time. 

Updating the look and visuals of LED sign gives it a different feel. You can use popular designs or colors that are on trend. Since bold visuals tend to attract more attention, check out what designs suit your content.

Engage with customers

Having a little fun with your customers makes them more comfortable. For example, restaurants or bars with indoor LED displays can make their customers get involved. They can put feature their satisfied and loyal customers on screen for other people to see. They can even let a customer share a short video testimonial that they can show on screen. 

Through your LED display, you can even greet a customer celebrating their birthday, anniversary or other events on that day.

Display greetings, event updates, etc. 

In addition to having fresh content, it's a good idea to vary the messages on your LED screen. This gives customers something to read other than advertising. 

For example, you can display holiday greetings, event announcements, sports event updates, etc. on your LED sign. Make a "welcome home" messages to returning veterans, "good luck" messages for bar examinees or  "congratulations" message for the winning sports team, movie actors, etc. are some ideas you can also consider.

Promote time-sensitive events 

Messages that carry a sense of urgency usually capture a lot of attention. Advertising your "week-long sale" during thanksgiving or "special offers" during the Superbowl or other seasonal changes tend to generate more traffic. Customers tend to take advantage of these types of advertisements because the offers are something that answers their needs.


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