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Documentation as an Important Component of LED Signage

Posted by Chad Bogan on Wed, Jan 14, 2015

Almost all products include operation manuals or user guides. These documents serve as the basis of operation, installation, maintenance and FAQ, etc.

The type of documentation material depends on the products and its manufacturers. Some products contain in-depth technical manuals while some others only contain simple instructions, drawings or guides.

LED Signage also requires documentation manuals.

Since the LED sign is to advertise, its operation should be consistent and uninterrupted. Component troubleshooting and customization of LED signage are the responsibilities of the manufacturer’s engineers, and not the end user or dealer.

LED signage, documentation should include simple and concise information about parts replacement and quick access to components. All information should be purposeful and well-organized. 

Benefits of Documentation Manuals 

LED signage, documentation makes users appreciate the product's usefulness even more. It brings several advantages such as: 

  • Save engineer's and salesperson's time in explaining how to use the product and its other features
  • Serve as reference material and sales document
  • Support a company's image
  • Prevents liability related to misuse of a product  

Three General Types of Documentation Manuals 

Each type of manual serves its own importance. 

1. Heavy Content Manual 

These manuals are in-depth and resemble engineering text books. Information is written, technically, using tough words and is often hard to read. 

It is usually overly organized and written for content, and not for readability purposes. People with high technical knowledge will appreciate the information it contains. 

Heavy content manuals are used as reference materials for factory technicians or people who have a direct role in the product. But most dealers and end users won't find reading the manual purposeful. 

2. Minimalist 

In this type of manual, information and other details are presented in an easy-to-understand manner. The language used is simple well. It aims to provide users with enough information to work things out for themselves. 

Minimalist type is created by manufacturers for product designs that do not support an operation manual. Some create this type since they don't have the resources to produce good detailed manuals. 

Using this approach is not very helpful or realistic for LED signage. 

3. Best of Both Worlds 

Combining different manual types into a single manual is the best type documentation. These types of documentation are usually a mixture of simplicity and technical knowledge. The content serves its purpose and is explained well compared to other manual types. 

This documentation type of manuals is important for both technicians and users. It can save time and money on installations, service calls and general troubleshooting. 

End users and dealers of digital signage need documentation for parts replacement, quick troubleshooting, installation, and software training purposes. An engineering manual is not that vital unless the digital signage solution is highly customized. 

As a signage dealer or salesperson, you should have the best tool to support your customers. LED sign users want repairs to be done quickly and effectively.  Take a good look at your manufacturer's documentation. Make sure that it is easy to read, relevant and serves it purpose.









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