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Digital Signage that Drives Sales

Posted by Chad Bogan on Tue, Jan 13, 2015

An effective digital signage content strategy and campaign encourage customers to take the next step after reading your message. A well thought out and implemented plan will deliver the results your looking for.

Call to Action

With no call of action customers  tend to get lost. Make sure the message you are displaying is direct and to the point.

In crafting a call to action, always begin your message with strong verbs. It should be short, easy to understand and compelling. Make your message easy to read and understand. 

For instance, 

  • Call Today
  • Call for Quote
  • Buy Now!
  • Limited Time Only
  • Hungry? Come In!
  • Grab a copy now! 

You can also encourage customers to visit your website or social network channels. Throw in some rewards to motivate actions, like: 

  • Visit our website and get 50% discount on clearance items (include a countdown timer).
  • Like us on Facebook. Get Free Shipping on your next order.
  • Subscribe to our newsletter. Gain exclusive VIP access. 

Discount Days Strategy

Using Discount Days Seasonality Strategy is a key to drive demand to your business or organization. 

Consumers are more likely to take advantage of this rhythmic pattern of buying and selling. Since most consumers get excited during sales and discounts, you must be prepared and participate in these high-volume days so as not to lose traffic.

Price discounts, lower individual product prices for large volume purchases. It helps you meet your sales objectives, achieve profit goals and increase market share. Use this to sell low-priced products in high quantities or sell more items in a short time period. 

Take advantage of these seasons: 

  • Cyber Monday
  • Black Friday
  • Back to School
  • Holidays
  • Thanksgiving
  • Memorial Day
  • Valentine's Day
  • 4th of July
  • Veteran's Day 

A led sign works well in promoting discounts and great deals during the peak selling season.  It helps in driving traffic and increases sales from the very start of peak seasons. Use it to promote your discount days earlier to reach more customers, bring awareness and get more people into your door. 

Loss Leader Pricing Strategy 

"Loss Leader" Pricing Strategy is one of the oldest marketing tricks of selling a product at a lower cost or even a loss. Goods or service are offered with steep discounts, usually below cost, to attract more customers. This practice brings success, especially to discount retailers because customers tend to purchase not only the "loss leader" items, but other products are not discounted. 

A digital sign is effective in promoting loss leaders to increase store foot traffic and online purchases as well. Include it in rotation with best sellers, non-promotional items or services, community messages, time and temperature, etc. 

Use these tips when using the loss leader strategy: 

  1. Make sure you have enough stocks since customer demand is likely to increase
  2. Change the loss leader frequently so customers won't get used to your pricing strategy.
  3. Ensure that customers get to see other products before they reach your loss leaders.
  4. Remember to draw attention to your loss leaders and make to let consumers know about it using your digital signage. 

Keep in mind that people enjoy hunting for bargains and good quality merchandise that's worth their money. Use the loss leader pricing strategy to move overstocks, create brand awareness, gain new customers and increase return visits. 

Not only will this strategy reduces your inventory and frees up your storage up, it also increases your cash flow.

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