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Digital Signage Sales Part 2, Value Proposition

Posted by Chad Bogan on Thu, Jan 08, 2015

When a client demonstrates a need, they expect to receive the best possible solution that will solve their problems. Being experts in the digital signage industry, you have the opportunity to make the client see that investing in digital signage is easy and worth it. You have to make them see that their needs will be met by your digital signage solution offerings.

The key here is to make, use and understand an important formula:

 Value Proposition = Benefit and Return

Value Proposition

How can you achieve this Value Proposition?

The value proposition of digital signage is a winning one.  You have to demonstrate that the solution you have proposed to the client is the answer to his needs.  In digital signage, this core value proposition can be:

  • Delivery of compelling and effective information
  • Ability to frequently update of content
  • Less expensive than traditional signage alternatives
  • Outstanding Return on Investment
  • Unlimited Advertising possibilities using digital signage
  • Highly personalized and timely connection of a brand with the target market

Make It Easy For Your Customer

By understanding your customers wants and needs you will be able to much easier present a solution to them that they appreciate, understand and relate to. 

Provide your customer with a complete solution that they can easily understand. Giving them a digital signage solution in the format of one complete package with a set price helps your customer make a decision faster plus it is much easier for them to understand.

Example of a complete solution: 

  • You have a customer that is looking us digital signage to spotlight their weekly Large Pizza Specials and also promote their new FaceBook page.


  • Provide the customer with a complete digital signage system (hardware, software, installation, media players, etc.) that include professionally made high impact content spotlighting their pizza specials and Facebook page.
  • Aside from providing them a system and custom content pre-schedule the sign to automatically play the content at their highest traffic times. This will ensure they are reaching every one of their customers with their most important messages and advertisments.


In reality, no other forms of marketing media can surpass the value proposition that digital signage delivers. Make it known that digital signage has the ability to reach the your customers market with high level of flexibility in terms of creativity, placement, cost and proven performance.

 Make these things known:

  • Your company's efficiency in handling every client's digital signage requirements
  • Your history and proven experience providing these solutions

Return On Investment

Focus and establish your selling value. You have to show that your client can move to using digital signage for improved visibility and effectiveness in reaching their potential market.

Make it known that the Return on Investment would be higher the more people see the messages on the digital signage. Also, the Return on Objective (such as community reach, market presence, increase in specific product sales, product/service interests, etc.) is something that you need to present to your client.





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