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Ways to Deal with Digital Signage Sales Objections

Posted by Chad Bogan on Mon, Dec 29, 2014

Customer objections are inevitable and part of a normal sales process. But don't see it as a door slamming in your face. When you see and understand the reasons why your customers are objecting, then you can handle it effectively.

Handling Objections

There are 2 basic techniques you can use in selling your LED sign solutions to your customers - either you persuade or concede your way through. Either of these techniques can increase leads and lets you close sales in a short time.

Persuade Your Way:

Your clients will think of it as a hurdle. When you realize their objections, you can overcome it by showing the value and benefits of your product. You have to let them see that their objections aren’t really as big as it seems to be.

Concede Your Way:

It is always better to give an inch rather than push your way especially if your client is still undecided. If the objection is about time, then check with your client after a week. If it is related to cost, see if you can offer it at a lower price or suggest a financing scheme that your client can handle.


You can keep your customers happy by handling objections like these. Here are some objections that you'll most likely to encounter, plus ways to handle them.


Your client does not need a digital signage for their business or the product isn't just a good "fit." 


  • "What we have now works fine for us."
  • "We don't need one."
  • "I think this isn't really necessary"



Better recognize and understand the needs of your client. Identify their key problems that your digital signage solutions can answer. Do they need more time, better solutions or simply the basics explained to them? If it is something that your solution can solve, then take the time to better explain the solution while building better value in your products.



The client isn't ready to make an investment yet. 


  • "I need to discuss this with my boss or my business partner."
  • "I have to think about this before I decide."
  • "I'll check if this is something I need next year."



Understand your client and give them the time they need. Thank your client for their time and let them know that you're willing to discuss it again. But of course, don't leave your client without providing specific information, facts and figures. Before leaving your client make sure that they 100% understand the solution you provided them.



This is the biggest and most frequent objections people make. 

  • "I didn't realize it cost that much!"
  • "We don't have a budget this year..."
  • "I know of a cheaper solution..."



When your customer brings up price that typically means you have not properly explained the product, addressed your customers needs or did a good job in connecting the product to your customer. When it comes to digital signage, there is always something cheaper available. What you can do is to build value in the product. Let your client see this.

Make your client see the benefits that a digital signage solution provides - from the ROI (Return on Investment) to its ROO (Return on Objective). Let your client know about the advantages, potential and possibilities of having your product. Make it work and happen for them.  Then back it up with proof. When you client see that the digital sign is worth an investment, then the cost wouldn't become such a big deal.



Maybe another company has a better offer. Sometimes, the client may have issues with something they heard or read about the product or service. It can also be that your offering isn't presented to be strong in the market.



  • "I haven't heard of your company."
  • "I heard something about inefficient service..."
  • "How will I know if you can still provide support after 5 years?"



Clients want to know that they will be taken care of before and after the sale. They do business with people and companies they trust. This is why a sense of security and credibility is very important.

Don't rush the sales process by pushing your product or service on your first meeting with your client. Get to know your client first. Recognize your client's needs, problems, goals, etc. Build a connection that fosters trust and respect. You can set another schedule to discuss your solutions and offerings. In addition, you can offer in-store coupons, freebies, or longer warranty.


Remember that salespeople are problem solvers who create solutions. When you are able to demonstrate how your product or service can overcome their pains, is something that they need, or will help achieve their goals, then you will see increase in qualified leads and sales. 

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