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Guide in Planning Your Digital Signage Campaigns

Posted by Chad Bogan on Mon, Dec 08, 2014

Guide in Planning Your Digital Signage Campaigns

The familiar quote "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail" works even in digital ad campaigns. Without any plan, there's a huge possibility that you'll make a mistake. Failing to consider all important aspects of the project can significantly decrease the effectiveness of the sign network.


Do know if your messages are reaching your audience?

You have to do more than just manage your sign. It is important that you plan how you want to use your message display in order to achieve your goals.

With proper planning and thoughtful strategy, you can create campaigns that communicate your message effectively and increase your ROI.

Here are your three step guide to getting started on your digital signage project.


1. Write a project plan

It is important to define the goals and objectives that you are trying to achieve with your ad campaign. It should include time frames, resources and key items.


  • Where do you intend to place the display devices/screens?
  • What content you intend to show?
  • How do you plan to create content?
  • Who is your target demographic?
  • What type of content do you anticipate using?
  • How much is your budget for installation and other expenses?
  • What will you use to create, deploy and manage the campaign?

Also, make sure to include IT issues in your plan like connectivity, network and security policies, as well as support options for maintenance and upgrades.

2. Determine your content strategy

Your digital signage will be useless without an amazing content. Don't assume that passerby’s will notice or read your message just because it's there. Your message should be intelligent, relevant and timely for the target audience.


You have to consider:

  • Where and how the content will be distributed?
  • How the content will be viewed and in what format?
  • The number of times that the content will be viewed each day.
  • The type of format that you will use, such as 3D, flash or animation
  • What content will you feature for the next 12 months?


Make sure to include different types of content such as:

  • Community events and public service announcements
  • Monthly promotion of products or services
  • Seasonal or holiday related products or services

3. Roll them out!

Install, test and look at your campaign as a whole.

When you have covered everything, it's time to install and test your digital signage. You can start with a pilot program that will run for two weeks or less before going live. Test all aspects including hardware, software and connectivity that you will continue to use when you go live.

Make changes or revisions if you have to.

During this pilot stage, you can access how the signage impacts the viewers and the impressions it creates.

Need help in planning you ad campaign?  Contact us at Adaptive at 800-558-7022. Our team of dedicated professionals are always available to answer your questions and cater to your needs.

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