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Create Desire Using LED Signage

Posted by Chad Bogan on Wed, Dec 03, 2014

Create Desire Using LED Signage

More often than not, consumers have a deep seeded desire for a multitude of products. Advertising is often the trigger to make that desire a reality.

Every day we got bombarded with advertising messages and information - delivered via all sorts of media. From print media to websites and TV to billboard signs - every marketing campaign has the goal to make their brands get noticed.

As a business owner or marketer, you don't just sell products or services. You have to attract attention and create a desire, leading to action. It's very important to make customers come to you.

It is your goal to achieve all these - Attention. Interest. Desire. Action.

  • Attract Attention: Be quick in grabbing people's attention. Use powerful words and photos to capture their eyes and make them read your message.
  • Interest: Stay focused on the people's needs and wants. Make it appealing by providing them with relevant and interesting messages.
  • Desire: Make them understand that your products or services are something that can help them.
  • Action: Get clear and direct in telling them what to do. For example, "Taste our New Offerings!"

Creating that "desire" is not simply identifying what people want, but more importantly, allowing your future customer decide that what you’re offering is something they need.

When you create that desire, it will be much easier for people to do business with you. It means that your product or service is something that they really want and need. That desire is the gap between the consumer's perceived state and their desired state. It's your task to bridge and close that gap.

The best thing is, Adaptive LED signage can help you create that desire!

Need for Both Push and Pull

Push creates awareness and Pull helps customers make decisions. The right combination of both is necessary. It makes your brand highly visible, creates the idea that it is something of value and motivates customers to seek you out.

Adaptive is working closely with organizations and businesses on a daily basis to help them achieve brand recognition and awareness in an efficient way.  Having an LED sign creates that needed pull. We commit to helping organizations get their message out to people in a direct manner. Our tools are essential in the growth of businesses, making them an important part of the community where they're part of.

So once you've identified that desire, it's time for a push.

Your target customer just needs a little assistance after all the desire has already been created. What they need to see now are the other benefits to complete the package. It can be in the form of product incentives, financing options, discounts and any other valuable information.

Adaptive LED displays operate at their highest potential, draw attention and guide people to your store.  We assist in helping you find the right pull by defining that desire and the right push that will lead to a thankful client.

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