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4 Ways Digital Signs Helps Students, Faculty & the Community Stay Connected

Posted by Danny Carmody on Tue, Aug 12, 2014

Communication is an integral component of education. In an age of technological advances and information overload, older methods may not prove as effective as they once were. Not unlike while students are at home or out and about, in the school setting or classroom, they are likely to be distracted. Considering the many distractions such as iPods, phones, text messages, Twitter and more, cutting through the clutter with education-related information may be difficult. Digital signage, whether indoor or outdoor, is a great, technology-forward way to communicate with students, parents and faculty alike, and can be useful in the following ways:

School LED digital signPromote events at your school. Large digital screens mounted throughout the school can help with communicating both scholastic and social events such as upcoming concerts, sporting events, college fairs and more. When mounted in high-traffic areas such as cafeterias, gyms, lobbies, etc., the digital screens are an eye-catching way to share information instead of having to tape posters to walls or hand out flyers.

Share important, up-to-date information. In the flurry of activity that happens each school day, students don’t always have time to frequently check email or the schools website. Having visible screens to share the most up-to-date, time-sensitive information, may be the most effective communications method in a school or on campus.

Broadcast emergency messages and alerts. In the wake of many school emergencies and evacuations over the past few years, broadcasting alerts has become increasingly important to ensure students and faculty are kept safe. While digital signs can be a great way to share athletic and social information, their use becomes imperative when communicating messaging in the occurrence of a lockdown, evacuation, inclement weather or class / event cancellation.

Support instruction efforts. Gone are the days of the old-school blackboard with technology making instruction possible even when oceans apart. Digital signage solutions make it possible for teachers to facilitate, while streaming lessons to students in remote locations. Before classes begin, screens can be used to share information to early arrivals, and then changed over to instructional use once class begins.

Today’s generation of students need to be captivated and digital signage offers many ways to engage and attract. Images, video, animations and relevant information can be critical ways of communicating with your student body. Additionally, digital signs offer a fund-raising opportunity for schools with the capability of selling advertising space and sponsorship.

The latest LED digital signs now have the ability to communicate current weather conditions, RSS and Twitter feeds and real time emergency alerts. LED signs are bright enough to cut through fog, or dust and can be used in conjunction with your audio system to project a full service emergency alert.

Whether your goal is to bolster attendance at a school function, keep students safe, or simply relay information in a way your students will understand and relate to, a digital display is a prominent way to connect and communicate with students, faculty and the community.

What challenges does your school or university face with campus-wide communication?

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