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Adaptive Offers 3 Betabrite Displays to Help Grow Your Business

Posted by Morgan Marks on Tue, Sep 03, 2013

When it comes to LED displays, few brands have had the recognition and staying power of BetaBrite. The --Scrolling Text & Graphics - BetaBrite Series has been a mainstay in businesses for twenty years, with half a million sold to entrepreneurs worldwide. With its simple interface and clear visibility at upwards of 150 feet, it's popularity is due to its effectiveness: Betabrite signs are a great way to communicate with your customers.

BetaBrite® Window DisplaysHowever, there's more to the Betabrite line than just the standard text scroll we see in businesses everywhere. Adaptive produces three great models of Betabrite signs, in a wide variety of sizes, making them an efficient and economical way to reach out to your customers no matter where they are.

Three Betabrite Signs Bring Three Great Ways To Be Noticed!

Betabrites aren't just for indoors. If you find yourself in a situation where space is limited, or where local zoning prohibits large signs, a Betabrite window unit may be just the thing you need to stand out. These compact units fit a lot of power into a small package, with ultra-bright displays that are easily seen from the street, even in broad daylight.

With six different sizes to choose from, and options for both monochrome or RGB color, there's a Betabrite window sign to fit any size business, and any size budget.

Then there's the --Scrolling Text & Graphics - BetaBrite Series, these compact signs are small enough to fit behind the counter, or to be easily mounted on any wall, while delivering stunningly sharp color thanks to our proprietary SMT Prism Pixel LED technology. People can't help but look when a Prism is on display – it simply draws the eye to it.

Plus, of course, all our Betabrite signs are powered by dedicated messaging software that makes message management simple. Dozens of messages can be queued up, or set to only run at certain times of day. Our What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get system takes all the guesswork out of setting up your messages. What's in the software is what's going to appear on the sign.

Which Betabrite Sign Is Right For You?

No matter what area of retail you're in, a bright LED display will attract attention and bring people to your door. Gas stations can advertise specials, or the day's Powerball jackpot. Banks and other heavily-used businesses can set them up to run entertaining messages while people wait in line. In industrial settings, Betabrites are more easily seen, making them perfect for health and safety information.

Where ever you're trying to take your business, Betabrite signs can get you there.

Our full line of Betabrite signs are in stock and ready to get to work for you! Contact us today to find an authorized reseller in your area, or just ask us if you'd like to know more about what Betabrite can do for you.

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