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How a Seasonal Business Can Capture More Sales With an LED Digital Display

Posted by Morgan Marks on Wed, Aug 14, 2013

If you're in a seasonal business, every moment counts during the months you're open. Unlike most businesses, you can't establish your presence year-round. When you open your doors, you need ways for people to find you quickly. After all, your window of opportunity always seems to close sooner than it should.

minors gardensBig, bright, and colorful outdoor LED digital displays are the perfect way for seasonal businesses to announce themselves to the world. As the brightest illuminated sign on the private market, LED signs will be seen from further away than any other. Plus, your sign could feature pictures, or even full-motion video!

Just about any seasonal business can use these eye-catching digital signs to pull in more traffic when it counts!

LED Digital Displays Pay For Themselves Every Day

  • Farmer's Markets: Show off the day's produce and prices to everyone passing by, from families wanting a snack to chefs looking for a new source! Have up to twenty-one lines of text, clearly visible from the road.
  • Water Parks: Videos are the perfect thing to remind people of how nice it would be to escape the summer blues for awhile. You could use video overlays to display your season rates over the footage!
  • Florists: Woo would-be wooers with running slideshows of the day's fresh flowers, as well as some of your own bouquets and arrangements! Stand out by showing off what you have.
  • Christmas Trees: Spread the holiday cheer by making your tree prices easy for anyone on the road to see. People shopping for a tree want it made easy, and a big display tells them it will be.

Digital Signs Are Good For The Whole Year

minors gardens 1So, why choose an Adaptive Digital Display for your seasonal business? Our LED signs come shielded by our own Protector sealed aluminum case. It's rated to guard against the worst that seasons in America can provide, from the heat of Arizona to the cold of Minnesota. During your offseason, you won't have to worry if your sign is still there.

However, why stop using it? Advertise your other ventures during the offseason, or perhaps even rent out use of it! Since our signs are controlled through online PC software, you can update it from miles away. They also require no maintenance once they're installed, and each sign can last through ten years or more of continuous use!

It's easy to see why there are more and more LED digital displays going up across the country!

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