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Entertain Customers Waiting with an LED Ticker Sign

Posted by Morgan Marks on Mon, Aug 12, 2013

Nobody likes to wait, especially these days.

Customers who are accustomed to the sort of instant access you get online are bringing that impatience into businesses. It's now practically a requirement that if a customer ever be made to wait more than a minute or two, entertainment has to be provided to keep them interested, and in the building.

LED ticker signsSure, there's always the old standbys like a TV and magazines, or you could try to keep them around with free WiFi... But instead, why not engage them with an LED ticker sign that's constantly updating?

One or two-line LED ticker signs are extremely affordable and almost infinitely multi-purpose. Since they're controlled through simple software, you can update the message queue at any time. It can even display live feeds from the Internet.

Engage Customers

  • Keep them updated on wait times and order numbers being called. These signs are bright and easy to see even from across a busy restaurant or shop floor.
  • Display your live Twitter feed! It's easy to convert our LED displays into Twisplays that run your social feeds in real time. Get people chatting with each other on the big board!
  • Run stories! At a Halloween party I was at a few years ago, the bar put up a sign and hooked it up to display a running stream of Edgar Allen Poe poems, which was a nice touch.
  • Show industry information! Financial institutions can have live stock or other market feeds. Bars can incorporate sports feeds. Any RSS stream can be easily put up for display.
  • Announce specials! A bright LED display is the perfect place to announce impromptu specials and other mid-day surprises meant to keep your shoppers hopping.

Inform Employees

An LED ticker sign isn't just for the customers. These signs can be just as easily deployed to get messaging to your employees where ever you need it. They're utilized especially in industrial and other loud environments where PA announcements or cell phone notifications would go unheard.

  • Be seen from further. LED displays mean you need fewer displays overall, with each one visible from more places within the building.
  • Keep employee stats on display. Employee of the week, sales competitions, days without incident... This is where you put up the numbers to be proud of, and those that need attention.
  • Maintain running safety messages. Why have one safety sign when you can have dozens? Overhead boards can run a series of safety and hazard-related messages, or smaller LED ticker signs can have specific warnings near danger zones. They carry more warning than a stock sign.
  • Keep order in emergencies. It only takes seconds to wipe your LED signs and display any emergency information necessary if a crisis occurs, such as directions towards exits.

Adaptive LED ticker signs are inexpensive, low-power, and easily controlled from any computer. It's the perfect choice if your business is in need of more dynamic internal messaging!

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