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The History of the Business Sign & How Technology Made It a Marketing Tool

Posted by Morgan Marks on Mon, Aug 05, 2013

There is probably no form of advertising more ancient and venerable than the humble shop's sign.

LED Business SignsFrom the simple stonework of a common Roman mason, to the flashing LED digital displays today, signs have always been a business's first means of announcing itself to customers.

The Business Sign: Our Link To Advertising Past

No one truly knows when the first signs were developed – they've been with us for as long as we've been recording our history. It's easy to imagine travelers in virtually any age or country wandering into town, looking across building fronts for signs to guide their way. Even the smallest town blacksmith would still want a horseshoe hanging near his shop.

As communications technology advanced, such as it was, we moved towards ever-more-accessible forms of signage. However, while we got quite good working wood into many shapes, the business sign didn't truly take off until the Electric Age began.

Say It In Lights

Today's LED digital displays still owe plenty to the electric lights of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. All they had were incandescent bulbs, but they made the most of them! Venues like Paris's Moulin Rouge quickly figured out that blinking lights would bring customers to their doors, and we've been coming up with smaller and brighter bulbs ever since.

Neon came along shortly afterwards and, you know, it still has a look all its own. “Neon-drenched” will never go away entirely, but bulbs that rely on noxious gases to function have a lot of drawbacks, no matter how pretty they look on rain-drenched streets.

Neon signs were also quite permanent: Between the time, effort, and expense of getting one for a business, they were stuck with it for a long time. Logo redesigns could be extremely costly!

LED Digital Displays Are The Modern Business Sign

Today, the state-of-the-art in business signage are bright and brilliant LED digital displays. With the ability to display virtually any text, picture, or video, they take business signs to the next century. Your ability to communicate is limited only by your marketing imagination.

Enterprises large and small are seeing the potential in LED signs. Gas station managers can update their prices from the comfort of their office. Convenience stores can run the day's lotto jackpots. Restaurants can display full-color pictures of their offerings. There simply is no better sign for businesses looking to reach out to more customers.

Adaptive Display Solutions has been around for the last few decades, and we're dedicated to advancing business signs ourselves, while keeping all our operations right here in the USA!

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