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Adaptive Launches the A Series, a Full Color LED Outdoor Display

Posted by Morgan Marks on Mon, Jul 29, 2013

If you're looking for the best full color LED outdoor display, we've got a brand new reason for you to look to Adaptive: Our brand-new A Series line of signature displays.

The A Series of full color LED outdoor display units are our best yet, featuring unparalleled visibility, stunning brightness, and slim-profile cases that will absolutely wow your visitors. Whether you're mounting them on a sign to be seen on the highway, or on an exterior wall to draw in foot traffic, these LED displays cannot be ignored.

What makes the A Series special? It's all about how much we've squeezed into such a small package.

Introducing The Adaptive A Series Full Color LED Outdoor Display

A-Series Full Color Outdoor LED SignsThe first thing you're likely to notice about the A Series is how incredibly thin they are. The entire cabinet is less than five inches thick, significantly reducing the size of the structure needed to support it, as well as reducing the weight.

Once an A-Series display is turned on, its incredible brightness is impossible to miss. Rated at 10,000 nits, these are among our most powerful displays. Standard 6-inch text is readable from over a hundred yards away, and your pictures and logos will be clearly visible from further off than any of your competition.

Then there's the viewing angle. We've boosted the viewing angle for the A-Series up to 160 degrees horizontal. Someone could be looking at the sign from nearly edge-on, and still be able to see what you have to say. This only further boosts your visibility from the road.

If you want video, we have you covered. The A-series supports full sixty frames per second video playback, with industry-leading 48-bit color depth. The A-series can display over 281 trillion shades of color, guaranteeing unparalleled beauty and clarity for your video and images.

So, that's the A Series line of full color LED outdoor displays. Now, let's talk about you.

All The Control You Need

We decided it was time to expand our software options, to go along with our new display and to give you the power you need to make the most of our signs. We're proud to announce the introduction of our free QuickTrigger iOS app!

This iOS app works in conjunction with our existing Ooh!Media desktop software package, giving you total control over your digital signage no matter where you are in the world. When combined with the desktop package, you get all the control you need over your messaging, any time of day or night.

The A-Series: Available Now

We can't wait to show off our new A-series display, and they're now in stock! With resolutions ranging from 16x80, all the way up to 128x224, we have an A-Series sign for every size of business and every size of message.

Contact us now to learn more about how the A-series can take your outdoor messaging to the next level!

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