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5 Ways an Adaptive LED Display Can Keep Your Finances In Check!

Posted by Morgan Marks on Wed, May 15, 2013

Electronic Bank SignsWith all the uncertainty surrounding the economy, it can be difficult to entice people into banks these days for anything besides withdrawals. In some areas loans are cautiously up, at least compared to previous years, but we're still far from out of the woods.

Yet, of course, you need to be making those loans – not just for the sake of the bank, but for the good of the economy as well. To counter stagnation, the money needs to flow.

So, we wanted to take a look at a few of the ways that LED display signs can help a bank hit all these targets at once. LED signage is almost infinitely versatile, eye-catchingly bright, and yet it uses significantly less power than other illuminated signs.

For a low investment, LED display signs can provide long returns for your bank.

1) Announce the day's rates: Go beyond the standard time and temperature that every bank puts on their signs. It's relatively simple to pipe live feeds into the LED display software and display live stock quotes, commodities prices, long- and short-term rates, and any other information financially invested passers-by might want to know.

2) Promote specific uses for loans and services: Don't sell a loan, sell the dream that the loan buys, right? This is where the visual nature of LED display signs is so useful: You can display pictures or even video promoting what your loans and other financial services can do for your customers!

Whether they want loans for cars, houses, or just want to talk about peace of mind in their retirement years, the visuals on your multicolored outdoor display will remind people of those wishes they've been delaying for far too long.

3) Window units sweeten the deal: BetaBrite window units reel people in once the larger sign gets them hooked. These small one-line units are perfect for announcing small sales, specials, or upcoming promotions. Positioned near the door, they'll give the hesitant even more reasons to walk inside.

4) Give money-saving tips to passers-by: Another great use for these LED display signs is purely informational. Engage people walking by, or those in your lobby, with helpful money-saving tips and ideas. It's one more little way you can connect to people and improve their financial lives, while giving them something to do while in line.

5)Direct visitors around your bank with lobby signs: Indoor LED signs can also be useful for more mundane matters: traffic control. Small informational signs placed around your building can ensure that your clients get where they want to be with as little trouble as possible.

LED Display Signs Reach Out In Worried Times

When the news is filled with stories of what banks are doing to people, we need more messages about what banks can do for people! LED signs help the financial industry, drawing in more clients and encouraging them to keep our economy running. 

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