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Promote Sales and Special Events with a BETAbrite Window Display

Posted by Morgan Marks on Thu, May 09, 2013

With Mother's Day just around the corner, stores and shops across the country are going to be looking for ways to lure people into their stores looking for just the right gift for their mom. There's always a boom of quick sales and impulse buys around this time, and with the right advertising, you can move a lot mid-May.

If you have a smaller store or boutique location which relies primarily on foot traffic, a BetaBrite LED window display unit is an excellent investment for drawing people into your store. These super-bright LED signs are just the right size to put in the window or near the door, advertising your Mother's Day specials.

Any BetaBrite window display unit packs a lot of marketing power into a small device.

What You Get With a BetaBrite Window Display Unit

These BetaBrite LED displays are attractive to businesses of all sizes for several clear reasons:

  • A small size, convenient for windows with limited space.
  • An unlimited ability to create new messages as needed.
  • Simple graphics and animations can enhance the message.
  • Extremely low power consumption compared to other illuminated signs.
  • Extremely bright bulbs ensure your sign is seen first, and from further off.
  • Optional RGB color turns a window display unit into an irresistible eye-grabber.
  • Sturdy casing protects it from the realities of day-to-day operations.
  • Simple software ties it all together, as well as scheduling message changes ahead of time.

BetaBrite LED window displays are a true “bang for the buck” solution that deliver more customers to your door.

Let's take a look at a few of the ways some shops might use them this Mother's Day!

These signs are easy to deploy for any sort of retail advertisement!

  • Chocolate Shops: Everyone loves getting mom some chocolates from time to time. Now's when you should be listing all the delicious varieties inside. “Would mom like caramel crème, or pecan?”
  • Florists: What are the best flowers for Mother's Day? Use your BetaBrite sign to tell people about the fresh flowers you have on display, and what they symbolize! It's also the perfect place to advertise specials on bouquets.
  • Clothing Stores: Not every person who walks by is going to be able to buy clothes for their mother, but this is a great season for gift certificates! Encourage people to give a card to a small shop with character, rather than some big box store.
  • Spas: Spa treatments are huge around Mother's Day. An offer such as buy-one-get-one-half-off might get you even more traffic, especially for women wanting a day of pampering for themselves and their mother!

From florists to crafts shops, it's easy to use BetaBrite LED displays to bring in more foot traffic. They put your most enticing messages near the door, in a bright format no one can ignore. Anyone who's in search for that special gift for mom will know you have it as they walk by, with a BetaBrite in your window.

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