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How a Digital Sign Can Help Change the Perception of Gas Station Food

Posted by Morgan Marks on Mon, May 06, 2013

If you're in the convenience store business, things are looking up in 2013! After a tepid 2012, forecasts are calling for an upswing in food purchases, with lower-end establishments such as fast food and convenience stores among the biggest predicted winners. More people have the money for convenience food today, and they're going to be spending it.

Convenience Store SignsSo, if you have a gas station or other convenience store, now is the time to start thinking about how you're going to reach out to hungry customers as they pass by. If you're still using more traditional signage, an LED window display unit can be an excellent choice for seeing the most returns on your advertising investment.

These super-bright, energy-efficient units allow you to create unlimited messages and send them to the outside public whenever you like. Here are just a few ways you can get people in your doors and buying your food as they speed through their lives.

Move More Food With An Adaptive LED Window Display Unit

  • Be in the now: You can do more than simply advertise specials! Since these messages can be updated from your computer at any time, tell people what's hot and freshly-made right now. Tailor your specials for different meal crowds at different times of the day, so that you've got “warm doughnuts on sale” in the morning and “hot and fresh pizza!” in the evening. Or perhaps just “Grab an apple to go!” during the off-peak times.
  • Test out new products: When you get in new stock, you always wonder whether people are going to buy. A BetaBrite digital window display unit is perfect for letting people know what neat new items you have in stock. Use them to “play along” with major brand promotions, like Lays' recent product trials. Get people in your doors to try out the new flavors!
  • Add pictures or animation for effect: Some BetaBrite LED signs allow for full animations, allowing you to really grab peoples' attention. Why simply talk about the fresh fruit you have in stock when you can include a picture as well? We are visual creatures, after all; a picture of a banana sounds better than the word “banana.”
  • Create flash specials: Jazz things up a little. Throw together combo packages that are only on sale for an hour or two when you're having a slow day and want to get more people inside. “Two Oatmeal Cookies And A Drink For $2!” might sound mighty tasty to someone strolling by in the afternoon, and they'll likely buy something else too!

Basically, an Adaptive LED window display unit gives you whole new ways of communicating with the world of customers passing by your convenience store. Now that people have more money in their wallets, they need to be convinced to part with it. As the brightest and most eye-catching signage on the block, LED signs are just the thing to get hungry customers into your shop!

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