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What An LED Window Display Unit Can Do For Your Store's Windows

Posted by Morgan Marks on Mon, Apr 22, 2013

When a potential customer is passing by your convenience store, they're going to be making a lot of quick judgments about your store before deciding whether it's the one they walk into. Customers are judging Elements like its cleanliness, use of space, and general state of repair to try to tell what awaits them inside.

One big deterrent to customers is having a window totally covered over in signs. While this may have some practical use in some areas, from a customer's point of view, it looks cluttered and unwelcoming.

However, buying an LED window display unit will give you a great excuse to clear out all those old posters and fliers, as well as giving you a great new way to draw customers into your convenience store. Whether you choose a monochrome or color model, an Adaptive window display unit will be brighter and easier-to-see than any other signs around you.

  • Attract more attention: Rather than faded, yellowing paper and posters, why not have a bright and exciting electronic display that draws peoples' eyes to your store? Extra-visible Betabrite color displays are practically impossible to walk past without seeing, and their flashing messages invite people to stop and watch for a moment.
  • Advertise specials: Interior LED window displays are far easier to manage than outdoor signs when advertising your specials of the day. All it takes is a few moments with easy-to-use software, and you can update your message however you want, whenever you want. It's the perfect place to tell people about the impulse buys you want them to make.
  • Target customers throughout the day: Do you know the foot traffic that comes by at different times of day? Target each group directly! Message scheduling allows you to run new messages at pre-scheduled times, so you can have different advertised specials running throughout the day, based on who's most likely to wander in.
  • Enjoy increased security: Since an LED window display unit is kept entirely inside the store, there's less chance of it being stolen or vandalized. No one can rearrange the message on the sign unless they have access to your computer, either. Plus, a lot of the time, removing some of those old posters and signs in your windows can increase security, just by helping you see outside the store.
  • Run useful information: A Betabrite LED display can also be hooked up to run live updates from a computer feed. Information such as the current weather, stock prices, sports scores, or lottery updates can be kept on loop during your messaging. Give people more reason to stick around; it means they might come in!

There are a lot of uses for an LED window display unit, and nearly every one of them will help bring customers in your doors. Contact us to learn more about adding LED window displays to your store!

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