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How Radio Stations Can Benefit From BetaBrite Signs

Posted by Morgan Marks on Tue, Mar 19, 2013

A lot of radio stations often run pretty close to the margins, in terms of keeping enough revenue coming in to keep broadcasting. It's a rough time for the radio industry at the moment, and smaller stations need every edge they can get to get those ad impressions.

BetaBrite SignsLED BetaBrite signs are an excellent investment for radio stations because of their low cost and high potential to attract attention. These BetaBrite signs are simply good at getting messages out, wherever you need them.

Electronic BetaBrite Signs Put Your Message Where You Need It

The most obvious application for a BetaBrite LED sign would be in front of your station, running the text scroll of what's now playing, along with mentions of your station and other internal promotions. However, since these signs can be remotely controlled over the Internet, that's only the beginning.

Consider locating a place with a lot of foot traffic to put more signs, such as a downtown or other popular shopping area. Talk to local malls about placing signs. A live text feed of your radio station's playlist, in the right areas of town, could significantly boost your awareness.

Boost Your Social Media Awareness

Text signs are also excellent when paired with social media campaigns. Twitter hashtags are perfect for the text format, which means displaying your messages anywhere. Keep people aware of your latest hashtag campaigns. Include them between songs on the display. You could also consider branching out, such as using them to schedule meet-ups through FourSquare or other location-based services.

Local radio promotions thrive on social media interaction. These colorful displays can spread the word of your latest campaigns, contests, and concerts along with giving your listeners everything they need to know to contact you through their mobile devices. You could occasionally run live Tweets from your listeners on these BetaBrite displays, keeping passersby in the loop.

It's on-the-go interactive marketing.

Entertain People As They Walk By

What better way to convince people that your radio station is fun than by having a little fun without saying a word? Your outdoor BetaBrite signs can also run jokes, stories, news updates, RSS feeds, or potentially even transcripts of clever things said by your DJs. Get creative. Take control of the feed live, interrupt the automatic messages, and “say” things to people walking by.

It's all about being noticed, and that's what these LED displays do. They get you noticed. When you use color in your messaging, it's hard for people not to look. You'll be drawing eyeballs onto your BetaBrite sign left and right; you just need to see all the ways it can help boost awareness of your station.

Drop us a line if you have any questions about how you might make LED signs an integrated part of your station's upcoming marketing or social campaigns!

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