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ABCs of Digital Displays for Schools and Universities

Posted by Morgan Marks on Tue, Jan 22, 2013

Digital displays for schools and universities are among the most effective, cost-efficient, and generally useful outreach tools you can employ on your campus. Digital LED displays are extremely bright, long-lasting, easy to read, and practically guaranteed to attract the eye of anyone who ventures near your campus.

LED school signsHow many different uses do they have? Well, we've put together a list of twenty-six! Just like the ABCs in old schoolbooks of yesteryear, here are the ABCs of LED signs!

  • Advise families of schedule changes.
  • Broadcast information and alerts to the community, staff and students.
  • Communicate school happenings.
  • Deliver information to your entire community.
  • Event notifications on digital displays draw bigger crowds.
  • Full color displays show video of your achievements to your community.
  • Get more community members involved in school events!
  • Help your students get where and when they need to be, with calendars.
  • Interface with your digital displays from any computer online.
  • Just one digital sign can be seen from further off than any other type.
  • Keep track of your teams' scores throughout the sports seasons!
  • Lower your power bills with the energy efficiency of digital displays for schools.
  • Motivate your students to achieve more with empowering messages!
  • Never have to manually change a sign during bad weather.
  • Outdoor signs pull interested newcomers in off the street.
  • Parents will enjoy seeing their students featured in lights!
  • Quiet digital signs keep the noise down indoors.
  • Repeat important messages while inserting new bulletins whenever they're needed.
  • Software for your digital displays is easy to use.
  • Take your school's promotions to the next level!
  • Unify your communications through an easy digital format.
  • Visitations and parent-teacher conferences can be announced easily.
  • Weather-related messages get out more quickly.
  • X-citing new messages can be added every day! (OK, we're cheating for X.)
  • You'll see low TCOs with digital displays for schools.
  • Zoom images in and out, rotate them, and add even more neat effects!

Whether you need smaller signs to guide people around campus, or big ones to pull them in off the street, digital LED signs are a great investment for your school. Between their ease of use, cost savings, and eye-catching appeal, there is no message a LED sign cannot communicate!

EzView X outdoor sign

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