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How Digital Signs Can Be Used in the Entertainment Industry

Posted by Morgan Marks on Wed, Dec 26, 2012

If you own a movie theater, whether it's an intimate local art-house or a booming megaplex, digital signs can be one of the best tools you can utilize to draw more people into your cinema. From catching their eye as they pass on the street, to guiding them into the proper theater, LED signs are versatile enough for virtually any cinema usage.

Theater and Cinema SignsIf you still have to have your staff change boards manually, now would be an excellent time to consider the benefits of adding digital LED signage to your theater.

The Many Uses of Digital Signs in the Theater Industry

  • Promote your theater with a large outdoor text display that can be easily seen from the road. Advertise showtimes, ratings, or announce featured attractions!
  • Attract customers' eyes by utilizing full-color outdoor LED signs to show film clips or movie trailers to people passing by. This works especially well with visually striking trailers, such as for action blockbusters and animated films.
  • Always show accurate schedules outdoors by using a large outdoor text display that ensures people at the back of the parking lot still know what time their show starts and what it's rated.
  • Reduce clustering around your box office with a bright and clear interior sign that shows off all your showtimes and movie ratings at once to even the largest crowd.
  • Draw customers to the concession stand with announcements of coupons or special meal deals.  Text displays are a great way to ensure your menu is always current with your latest prices.
  • Guide your guests to their intended theater with directional digital signs that can be clearly seen even in a darkened interior. Once they're there, confirm it with a small interior house sign, so no one accidentally wanders into the wrong showing.

Finally, all this is tied together through custom control software that makes it simple to update your messages, queue videos, and schedule predetermined sign updates throughout the day. If you tie your digital signs into your Point-of-Sale software, you can also set them up to automatically update show times as your tickets sell out.

Whatever need you have for theater signage, indoor or outdoor, there's an LED display that can do it for you. They're easy to use, extremely versatile, and require far less power to run than any other illuminated display. This makes it simple for digital signs to boost your box office returns.

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