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How LED University Signs Can Help Your School

Posted by Morgan Marks on Mon, Dec 17, 2012

Despite rising tuition costs, most universities and colleges are experiencing steadily increasing enrollment rates. With the education market booming, you need to make your campus as attractive as possible.  Students are actively shopping for schools, so you need to be making the best impression to convince them to spend four years with you.

LED University signsAnd, as we all know, the best way of making a good impression is to make a good first impression.  Believe it or not, having a great sign out front really can make a serious difference in how your visitors perceive your school.

LED University Signs Impress!

You've undoubtedly seen digital LED signs before, and you've seen how bright and clear their images are. Have you thought about how one would look outside your university or college campus?

These signs are high-tech, versatile, functional, and highly impressive.  It reflects the high caliber of your school and your students when even your signage is among the best available.

Major Benefits of LED University Signs

Digital signage costs more than traditional signs, but you get so much more for your money.  Digital signs can be updated with new messages at any time, and with a full-color sign, you can easily add pictures or even video. 

With a digital sign, you can:

  • Display critical information such as schedule changes or weather delays.
  • Show a calendar of upcoming on-campus events.
  • Attract non-students to fundraisers or other open-campus activities.
  • Run video clips of recent events, contests, or sporting matches.
  • Give your media and advertising students hands-on experience with modern signs.
  • Show off the diversity of your campus with slideshows.
  • Run live news, weather, stock, or sports updates.

LED university signs are also perfect for establishing and maintaining your branding.  Your logo is going to look great in lights, and all your imaging can keep the same color scheme. It helps you maintain your identity and establish yourself as an institution of distinction.

Getting Some Green Cred

"Going Green" is a popular way of luring students to campuses, and digital university signs help here too.  They have extremely long life spans - generally around a decade - and require far less energy to run than other, more traditional forms of signage.  They also need substantially less maintenance.

You're saving money, and making yourself more attractive to environmentally concerned students at the same time.

Whether you want digital signage for its cost savings, its practical multi-functionality, or its sheer wow factor for new arrivals, LED university signs make a fine all-around investment for your school. 

Contact us if you have any questions about how digital signs can help your school district stand out! 

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