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How a Restaurant Menu Board Can Help You Retain Customers

Posted by Morgan Marks on Wed, Dec 12, 2012

Are you looking to spice up your restaurant and give your customers a new reason to keep coming back?  It’s a tough market out there for restaurants, and it’s all too easy to let regulars slip away as they find cheaper places to dine.  As hard as it is, you need to keep looking for ways to add value to your restaurant and keep your diners coming back.

LED restaurant menu boards give you all this and more.  They’re an easy and relatively inexpensive way to engage your customers, entertain them, and inform them.

restaurant menu boardsRead on for a few uses for LED menu boards!

  • Tell people what you’re serving!  See, we’ve got this great idea: you can list of all the food you sell!  Brilliant, huh?  No, seriously… Digital signs are bright, attractive, and eye-catching. Many indoor displays are still bright enough to be seen outside, so you can make it easier for your customers to pick their meals while luring in new customers from outside.
  • List additional information. Food labeling has been in the news lately, and much of the public wants it. If you want to show that you’re a step ahead of the industry and have nothing to hide, LED menu boards are perfect for displaying nutritional information, allergy warnings, or any other facts about your food.  Look for interesting bits of trivia (how many pounds of meat do you cook a week?) to spice up your presentation.
  • Push those specials! One convenient feature of LED displays is how easy it is to change their messages. Whatever your special du jour is, you can make sure people know it. You could run a different special every hour if you wanted and be able to update the sign in seconds.  Come to think of it, that’s not a bad gimmick.
  • Live news feeds. Multi-line menu boards can show practically anything you want. You could set them up to run the AP news wire, weather listings, live sports scores, or cover the stock market.  With an Internet connection, virtually any kind of text can be run in real-time to inform or entertain your clientele.
  • Interact with your customers. Why make this a one-way street?  You can also set up your LED menu boards to show live Tweets or postings to your Facebook page.  Showing your social media updates in real time turns a meal at your restaurant into a unique experience. This is the sort of thing that builds the reputation of a restaurant as someplace that’s a little different.
  • Save money. LED digital displays use far less power than traditional incandescent or neon bulbs. They also require far less maintenance and generally last for at least a decade before they need to be replaced.

From attracting attention to keeping your restaurant a bustling location, digital menu boards are a great investment. Between their multiple uses and their low TCO, it’s an easy decision to make.

Think a restaurant menu board is right for you? Contact Adaptive Displays for more information.

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