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How to Use Marquee Signs to Make an Impression

Posted by Morgan Marks on Fri, Dec 07, 2012

Marquee signs aren't just for movie theaters!

Marquee Signs, Theater and Cinema SignsWhen you think of a marquee, you probably think less about the message itself than what surrounds it.  The original marquee signs used then-novel electric lighting to create moving, flashing lights that attracted the eye and gained them visitors.  "Having your name in lights" meant something, because more people saw it.

Today, you can use modern LED marquee signs in virtually any industry.  They're most popular among schools and churches but, really, a large digital marquee can be used by any business that wants to stand out, make an impression, and attract large crowds.  The best part is that LED displays are highly economical, making them a great all-around signage solution.

Let's look at some of the benefits you can gain from choosing an Adaptive digital display

  • Put your name in the brightest lights!  LED displays are far brighter than any other signage solution, putting out far more candlepower than neon or traditional incandescent bulbs.  They are visible across a wide range of viewing angles, and will absolutely be seen before your non-LED competition as people drive by.
  • Change your message whenever you want.  In the old days, movie theaters had to send kids up on rickety ladders to change their marquees, a dangerous task in the best of conditions.  Today, you can do it all from the comfort of your office, come rain, snow, or shine. 
  • Stand out with video!  Why limit yourself to a static message or some flashing lights?  With a full-color outdoor marquee sign, you can add video or animations to your message almost as easily as you can add text.  Whether you're running a car showroom and want to show off the latest models, or you're a restaurant showing people your friendly staff, video says more than just text.
  • Make your specials into Special Events.  Why simply have a sale when you can have an Event?  A big, bold marquee sign makes your special attractions come alive, bringing in curious visitors from all over.  Give your event that little "over the top" edge that pushes it into being something special.
    Plus, LED marquee signs save you money too!
  • Avoid unnecessary maintenance.  With a lifespan estimated at a decade, LED signs are remarkably worry-free.  Our patented cast metal shells protect them against virtually any weather you can find in the US.  Further, since LED displays are based in having hundreds or thousands of individual lights, if a handful of LED pixels burn out, it's not even noticeable unless you get up close.
  • Cut your energy costs.  LED signage is remarkably low-power, being made of extremely efficient elements.  Despite being brighter than neon and filament bulbs, LEDs use less power as well!  You get more reach with less overhead.

No matter what area of business you're in, consider an Adaptive digital marquee.  Stand out, save money, and reach more people than ever before!

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